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The unspoken

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This about seeking the truth and understand the truth meaning of life to a teenager words that adults have no meaning and no care for

Other / Mystery
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Chapter 1

“ No Jessica come in your room now “ my mom keep yelling as I stood there in space .

As of lately I haven’t quite been my self in and out of the world as people do time to tap in
** zap zap zap

“Im coming mom “ I said to my mom she didn’t even understand that I heard everything but couldn’t respond because my brain was going an thousand miles per minute.

“Jessica you be up all night but you can’t be supportive and understand you have responsibilities you can keep your own child “

At the moment I just let her vent I’m only 15 how would I be pregnant and have a baby that early she had the baby it’s not my responsibility. Truth be told she don’t want to accept the fact I’m not taking care of her child she clearly had but as usually let me respond
**zap zap zap

“You right mom. I’m sorry I apologize “

“Thanks Jessica now go to the store and get some diapers for your son Amar “

I don’t even know how to drive what’s wrong with this women people have gone completely wild in the brain because the new out break of Covid 779 . A new strain of covid where no one even come out the door any more . The robots do everything for people no one is independent no more expect a few people .

Starts engine

“Mom the car won’t start “

“Jessica just leave and don’t come back in this house until you do something for your self “
Like I explain before this women is crazy what do she want from me but when she has these little mood swings. I simple find a way to channel it by going to see my best friend who lives two buses and one train away from me .
Starts weeping
* zap zap zap
“Mom no we need to talk and don’t get mad about it anymore . I’m moving in with dad today in fact you will never see me again “.

“Jessica I put you in this world don’t make you take you out. That man has done nothing for you but get that head of yours “

“Your right mom he does nothing for me but also he doesn’t pretend that his responsibilities are mine “

“Jessica I’m sending you to the system you have been out of hand and I’m tired of reminding you that you have a whole child you barely take care of . This is your child I have proof .”

Now tell if I have a child would I remember everything about into the last detail especially if I had it . I need to go to the unspoken but without her finding out. (The unspoken is the biggest building in the whole world where they decide if you make it or not in the world .Not only in the world but in the another life as well

“Mom show me the proof because your crazy women “
** Pulls out photobook

“Look Jessica you was in the hospital you don’t remember they had to erase your memory for the better of your child “

“ Mom I’m leaving and I’m taking amar with I have no memory of him but if he his mines I’m taking care of him”

“ Jess you not leaving this house how would you take care of yourself “
" I would be just fine on my own all you ever did was look down on me and made me feel bad mom what kind of parent makes their child feel so bad about being alive "
"Jessica I would never try to hurt you in anyway I just wanted to go be something and stop trusting people you will end up just like me "
"Come on amar we are leaving say good bye to meema "

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