The So Called Rapist

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A guy who gets caught in a rape casr accidentally.

Other / Mystery
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Hii readers,
This is just an introduction to my book
"The So Called Rapist"
The story is of few friends who hang out together. They play, study, work together always.

the main leader of the gang.
He is creative but a spoil brat and usually challenges his friends to do the things he has done .
He wants them to vibe with him.

the second one who wants to be like Vikas. He imitates him in all his doings.

the third one , he has a middle class family, a dreamer for success, uses shortcuts for success.

Ashish ,
another spoilt brat with a rich family.
He is a drug dealer, wants his friends to do the same .

from a middle class family. He is one of the top ranker in his college. A guy with no bad intentions, a pure soul and a kind person.

These are offered money for kidnapping a girl. They accept the offer.
Tehy carry out their mission, Jay hesitates but gives in in peer pressure.

What will be the consequences......

If you like the story, I would like to continue. Will update if i get some readers.

Love love 💕
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