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Ace! Rise!

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Sonia Millanti, the ace of Melati Fireflies, gets herself hurt during a preliminary match and is forced to stay out of action for about a year. As she finally returns, Fireflies has changed, and Sonia has lost her ace status. When she vents her frustration at the pitch under the rain, a voice from a distant past chimes in with the ball flying back at her feet.

Other / Drama
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To Ashes

I always live by a motto, "You Only Live Once". I take it deep in everything I do. Be it school, music lessons, and part-time works, I never do them half-hearted. Especially one last thing, football. Football is my dream. Being number one in football is what I aim for. To represent the national team at the highest level of competition, the world cup has been the true goal. My parents agree to put me on a top-class junior team as part of the deal I made as long as I can get the highest score at school. They get theirs, I get mine. Mutualism you can say. I brought my team in elementary and middle school to the national level, but we always came up short. Though not this time. This time, we are in the final, and the trophy at the side of the pitch will be mine!
....was what I had expected. Again, this is life. More often than not, it can bring your hopes up only to send it crashing down to the ground.
At the final, our team was leading by one goal. The enemy had a corner kick. Our keeper managed to punch it away and my teammates sent the ball forward. As soon as I saw the ball flying, I ran at full speed to anticipate the ball and scored. I could see the enemy's goal, zero of defenders with only the goalkeeper. I couldn't hold my smirk as I saw the championship that I have yearned for years was just inches away. Then it happened.
My left leg was pushed by something. It knocked me off balance and once I saw the sky, I didn't feel anything on my left leg. I tried to recuperate and stand only to kiss the dirt and grass. I heard the ref blew the whistle and lots of shouting and cursing were being spilled. I caught my breath slowly, slowly, until my consciousness went lights out.

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