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Straightened Out

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Chapter 2

Immediately Giovanna opened the laboratory door, all the attention from the class was switched to the entrance. Before she could even step in, Mr. Rockwell gave a well expected reaction.

“Giovanna!! The bell rang 20 minutes ago young lady,” Mr. Rockwell barked, then sighed. “Just get yourself a seat and pick an available partner!!”

It was the same old yelling, the same old bulging eyes and still the same displeased face. He acknowledged Emily as she walked in.

“And thank you Emily for going out of your way to find your classmate.” He turned around to face the white board and continued his lecture. Emily shrugged and sat down in her seat, slumping in her chair.

It took a lot of will power for Giovanna to find a seat and quietly sit down. She passed a lethal glare towards Jordan’s direction, sure enough, that was able to send shivers down his spine, and he quietly faced forward and slowly ignored the new girl, the reason for the glare. Giovanna had missed the early minutes before the practical had started and that also meant that she had missed the roll call, and the opportunity to pick a partner. Now she had to pair up with the other annoying freak and the greatest nerd of EastWood High. Grayson, rumors has it that he is gay.

The class ended not too well surprisingly, Mr. Rockwell kept on giving Giovanna and Emily side glares at every single smile they made. If they just looked at each other, he would clear his throat that instant looking them straight in the eye and would resume teaching with “as I was saying”. Although he glanced at their side often, one percent of his glares went to Emily, the whole other ninety-nine were for Giovanna. Only once did Giovanna return his glare for glare and she was asked to repeat and explain what he just said. Looks like he was in a bad mood.

As soon as the lunch bell rang, Mr. Rockwell quickly rounded up and allowed the students to go for break, but that wasn’t before he took his teaching materials out with himself.

Only a few people were remaining in the class, among those people were Emily, who sat three rows to the front desk, sweat beads had started to consume her face and she looked very exhausted. Jordan, who tried to keep all his focus on completing his remaining little note on chemical observation, his dark black hair hanging out in front of his face. Giovanna on the other hand stood up, grabbed her stuff and zoomed out of the class. Emily took her bag pack, smiled while passing Grayson and rushed out to catch up with her best friend.


Giovanna and Emily sat at their usual table in the cafeteria. They were soon joined by Jordan, Giovanna’s boyfriend.

“Come on, are you really that mad?” Jordan asked Giovanna. She acted like she couldn’t hear him as she continued to eat her lunch.

Jordan was one of the hottest boys in school. Girls just drooled over his caramel colored skin, and chocolate brown eyes. The boy was a literal SNACK. He had dark black hair and thick eyebrows. He had a smooth button nose, and picture perfect luscious lips. His jawline was well-defined that paired with his high cheekbones. He wasn’t really into sports other than weight training and conditioning. He was however working on being valedictorian for graduation. He was president of the debate team, and worked at the local cinema.

“Really? You are just going to ignore me?” Jordan gave up and turned to Emily. His face pleaded for some sort of back up. Emily nodded at him.

“Yeah Giovanna, it was just one day. Did you really hate being Grayson’s partner today? He is incredibly smart.” Emily asked, a little offended by Giovanna’s behaviour. Giovanna rolled her eyes, as she finally looked at Jordan.

“How was being partners with the new girl? Have you fallen in love with her yet?” Giovanna asked, jealousy boiling in her blood. Jordan shook his head in disbelief.

“Baby, you weren’t in class. I needed a lab partner, she was new and needed someone to explain all the rules in the lab. So Mr. Rockwell had me be partners with her. It wasn’t my choice.” Jordan explained. Giovanna looked down at her lap, realizing her overreaction.

“I..I am sorry Jordan, it’s just...she’s...” Jordan interrupted Giovanna by wrapping his arms around her and kissing her temple.

“It’s okay, baby.” He cooed, earning an adorable smile from Giovanna.

“Besides,” Jordan continued, “She is not even that pretty.”

Besides Emily, Dave placed his tray of food and sat next to her.

“Did you guys see that totally hot new girl?” he asked excitedly. Giovanna groaned and placed her head on Jordan’s shoulder, his sweater muffling her groans. Jordan covered his mouth to keep from laughing and Emily glared at Dave.

“Um excuse me? You’re still my boyfriend.” Emily reminded him, raising an eyebrow at him. Dave glanced at Emily, feeling suddenly really guilty.

Dave was the jock of the group. He was naturally talented at almost every sport. He was captain of the football team in the fall and was planning on signing up for soccer in the spring. He had dirty blonde hair that was cut short on the sides, the top was cut a bit longer and he gel it up every morning. He had pale blue eyes, a straight nose and defined lips. His square jawline was sharp enough to cut. He had broad shoulders that made him seem like the gentlest giant. However, he had a mouth on him. People could say he was a “Smart Ass” and they would be correct.

“Oh sorry, um...I think I am at the wrong table.” Dave excused himself and got up from his seat. Emily grabbed his arm and pulled him back down.

“Stay here.” Emily rolled her eyes. Dave just laughed.

“Oh I am sorry, I didn’t realize the pageant queens were insecure about a new girl.” Dave teased. Giovanna’s muffled groans on Jordan’s sweater were getting more audible, as Jordan petted her hair and rubbed her shoulders. Emily rolled her eyes at Dave again.

“Why are you such an asshole?” She asked. Dave shook his shoulders and winked at her.

“Because you love me.” He answered, taking a bite of his mac-n-cheese. Emily put her hand up,

“I don’t love you because you’re an asshole.” She corrected Dave. Dave tapped his finger on her nose,

“No, I am an asshole because you love me.” He confirmed. Emily rolled her eyes again, she gave up on arguing with him.

Jordan shrugged his shoulder so Giovanna would lift up her head.

“Alright baby, I have a quiz in History next period. I am going to do some last minute studying.”

Giovanna whined, and wrapped her arms around his arm, holding tight so he wouldn’t leave. Jordan chuckled, “You know you can come join me?”

Giovanna quickly let go of his arm and put her arms slightly up, “Nah, that’s okay.” She smiled sweetly, “Have fun babe!”

Jordan shook his head, and put a hand on her cheek, gently caressing her. He gave her a kiss, and grabbed his bag and walked out of the cafeteria.

The rest of the lunch period, the gang spent it on talking and listening to Dave’s outrageous things that went through his head.

“Then suddenly Mr. Rockwell grew wings and talons, and started screaming like an eagle, it was a pretty dope dream.” Dave laughed to himself as he finished his last bite of his lunch. The girls looked at each other, not knowing what to think or let alone what to say in response.


Emily patted Dave on the shoulder, “Well babe, you always know how to keep the conversation going but it is time for class.”

Dave cheered, “Whoo, three more classes than practice. I can’t wait to scrimmage today.” He got up and threw his tray, along with the girl’s in the trash. He grabbed Emily’s hand to walk her to class.

“You coming, vanna?” Emily asked. Giovanna’s phone pinged, she smiled at Emily.

“Yeah, I just need to answer this. I’ll catch up with you guys later.” She replied. Emily blew a kiss and walked off with Dave.

As soon as Giovanna looked at her phone and saw the name appear. She was instantly blown with a wave of guilt.


Hey, Vanna. Lectures finished early today, so I might come visit today. I hope you are ready? ;)

Hey Everyone! Guy-Martins at the corner! What do you guys think of this chapter? we actually enjoyed bringing out this chapter and I feel like their personalities are more shown. Your feedback is a great source inspiration, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. Don’t forget to vote, comment and share. If you want to know when updates are available, follow this accounts Dmartinsquill, Guy-Martins and simsparkleD. Being you should always be your style. Peace!✌

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