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One Shot Story

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A collection of different episode and different stories of rei's tiny people, where it take you to the world of fantasy that could make you feel love, cry, laugh and enjoy the story. Different stories but same spirit, where it take it's place in my tiny world full of hopes and dreams.

Other / Drama
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Ch. 1: Different Path

In the Beginning both tribe have been in chaos, in the land of Askaos means chaos where the name fits for the land of the two tribe having conflict.

The Regulus tribe is the tribe who concurs the moon, the people who’s born with white and grey hair that lives in the South part of their land, While The Briar tribe that concurs the daylight lives in the Northern part of the land where people have blond, yellowish and brown hair.

Both heir of the same tribe unexpectedly meet in The Forest of Elpida that is located in the center of their land, the forest isn’t that big but it is a wonderful place to hide and play, that is the reason why both heir meet in the forest.

A seven year old Savita and a nine year old Nishan meet they always come to the forest but not in the same time, but unexpectedly both of them came to the forest on the same time that led them to meet each other.

The young Savita saw the young boy Nishan sleeping under the three, being nosy and interfering Savita went close to Nishan despite knowing she knows where tribe he is from.

“Hello, Mister!” Greeted Savita that made Nishan woke up, he’s a very light sleeper. He look at Savita disgustingly and ignored her and was about to fall asleep again when Savita shouted.

“I said hello, mister!” Savita shouted that made Nishan glared at her.

“For the record I’m not old, kid.” Nishan said with a cold voice and stand up, left her in there smiling.

That was how the both of them meet and held their first conversation. They meet in the following days and the next day, even though Nishan was annoyed at her he can’t help but to smile inside and actually enjoyed having her accompany him while he hides in the forest to get away from his bossy parents.

Years have passed, specifically seven years have passed and both of them are now close friends and secretly like each other they can’t help to fall in love when they always meet for 7 years despite knowing that liking from the other tribe will led you to your doom the two of them can’t stop their feelings flowing from one another.

“I would lie if I say I’m not enjoying this, I hope we can go in another places beside in this forest.” Savita said, that made Nishan look at her.

“You know we can’t do that, what if some of people on our tribe saw us.” Nishan said seriously that made Savita laughed at him.

“I know, but I wish that our people will find peace and reunite, I’m sick of seeing them fight, If I were to become a heir I’ll make sure to convince my people and persuade them to reunite with your tribe.” Savita said and smiled at Nishan. “I hope you’ll do that too when you’ll become the leader of your tribe, Nishan.” She added.

“It’s not that easy to change our people when in the beginning we are always fighting. My father tell me this story that we are in on before but suddenly are differences takes over that gave conflicts and war, we are at peace already but separated.” Said Nishan with a sad look in his eyes.

It was the first time Savita heard such a story, since she was never serious to every lesson she takes to become the next heir of their tribe. She wanted both of the tribes to stop fighting but Nishan had a point that they are already at peace, but separately.

Savita was devastated because of it, he was in love with a man who’s from another tribe. If here parents would know that they are meeting secretly a war could happen and maybe both of them will be punish severely or worst the price to pay from meeting secretly will be death.

Both of them was having a mix feelings but Nishan spoke that lead Savita’s heart broke into pieces.

“Savita I’ll be getting married soon, so let just end this. Let’s end up meeting starting tomorrow don’t come here or wait for me anymore, you were a good friend for the past 7 years.” Nishan said with a sad smile, Savita’s tears rolled down in here cheeks wishing that this were a dream that Nishan didn’t drop those words.

“You know that you’re going to be the next heir first you need to get married and..” Nishan didn’t get to finish his words since Savita cried out loud.

“Why does it have to be you? If you don’t like this from the very beginning you shouldn’t have tried your best to not become the next heir.” Savita savid with a weak voice, Nishan tears started to rolled down in his cheeks.

“I can’t.” He said in a low tone voice and hug Savita who cried her heart out loud.

The two of them was saddened by the unexpected event specially Savita, she couldn’t find the right words to express her feelings.

“Savita, live a happy and wonderful life be yourself and be a good leader to your people.” Nishan said and look at her lovingly with his sad eyes. He stands up ready to live the place where the two of them spend together for 7 years, while Savita was sitting down and couldn’t stop her tears flowing down.

‘I have always loved you..’

Nishan mouthed and walk away until he was out of sight. Savita’s burst her tears crying her heart all out in night.

The following days she kept visiting the place they always meet but no Nishan was showed up, the next day she also did it until years passed she still hoping that Nishan would showed up in there meeting place just once.

Ten years have passed, Savita have become the the heir of Briar six years ago. She’s on the way to the place where Regulus town is in, after years of hardship and chaos both tribe have now decided to agree to stop fighting and join hands.

When Savita became the leader of their tribe she began to convince people why they should reunite and stop fighting, years of hard work she convince the people and now she is heading towards the Regulus where the ceremony will be held, the leader of the tribe Regulus also agree to reunite and make peace.

Savita was nervous yet excited to see her first love, the dream she’s been dreaming finally came true where both tribe reunite but it’s seems that it’s already to late, she was saddened as she remember the day where Nishan and Savita part ways, she still haven’t move on from that neither from her first love.

Now she’ll be able to meet him and talk to him for 10 years, the person he waited the most Nishan Regulus.

The sight of the one she loved smiling with another woman carrying a child aches her heart as she walk towards him, His attention went to her. Savita bowed down so as the man he loved, both of them smiled and said.

“Nice to meet you, again.”

Seeing him in love with another woman while she still can’t get over him broke her heart again into million pieces the same day he left her, Nishan didn’t say that he was in love with another woman but his eyes said so and it didn’t betrayed him.

He look at his wife lovingly, the woman beside him was his wife.

It has been 10 years already he’s married and had two beautiful children, got move on by the painful past while I’m stuck way back from 10 years ago, still couldn’t move on from him.

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