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The Rogues Captive

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They say, "what doesn't kill you will make you stronger." Can that be true in Olivias case? Shes lost everything, her pack, her mother. She thought all was lost til one night while searching for his sister she finds her mate. Only he rejects her making her more broken. Can she survive? Can he fix his mistake? Only time will tell.

Other / Romance
Carissa Harlan
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Chapter 1 A world full of darkness

Here I lay in the dark, dank, cold cell listening to my mothers screams. I would look away but I am forced to watch just a little reminder of I what I get to look forward to. I was seven when they came in and slaughtered my pack taking just my mother and I. The one holding my head whispers in my ear, "one more week little one. After the alpha has you I am next in line." I bite my tounge to avoid saying anything. I don't need another beating I just received one for breaking a cup while doing dishes. Although that wasn't the worst beating. The worst one was when I spilled wine on the alpha on accident I've never seen him move so fast. He grabbed me by my throat slammed me onto the kitchen floor and drug me by my hair to the box. It's more a small closet with no room to move let alone sit and no light. He kept me in there for a week before throwing my ass back into the cell so needless to say I am still healing. When they're finished with my mom I crawl over to her and hold her. I start to sing Bob Marleys, "3 little birds" she used to sing it to me when we first arrived. Her breathing is labored and raspy with little to no food, neglet, and being beat her wolf is to weak to heal her anymore.
She's whispering something so I lean in closer to her. She says, "Olivia, always remember who you are, and what they want, most of all know that I love you with all my heart." She takes her last breath and my heart shatters my mom is gone.
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