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Never take things for granted!

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This is why you should never take people that you care a lot about for granted because one day you might not be able to see them anymore so be careful ! Plz

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Kaylee Dickerson
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Why do you say that !

Well the reason why I said never take those you love for granted because like here mine my great granny she died of cancer and I was taking her for granted and then when she died now I can’t see her or even talk to her I just wish I could take some day to tell her how sorry I am but no I can’t do that that what hurts me now she is in heaven mad at me for taking her for granted and it hurts it really does when you take someone for granted think about this what would you do if someone took you for granted how would that make you feel it would make me feel sad so why would you do it keep that in mind but me I wasn’t thinking I was really young to ever think that I didn’t even know that people die I thought everyone lived forever because I was young but when I turned 8 or seven that when she died and it was the worst 4 weeks of my life so think about what you say and I remember in third grade My teacher she called me up to her desk and gave me a picture of my granny and I broke down in tears looking at it I was in the office crying and I was literally having a panic attack and it was bad so I would highly recommend thinking before saying think is this what I am about to say good or bad then if it is bad then don’t say it if it is good then say it and think hard on actions I

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