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Never say mean things to your loved ones 😖😭

This is so sad but when I was younger my real mom she left me and it still hurt me the way she did me but I grew up knowing when I grow up she will get what she deserves but now she talks bad about me on Facebook and she won’t let me see my big sister haven’t even met her before and she is the cause of it so this is not to brag or anything I am just saying this don’t be mean to others don’t throw someone out of your life that cares and loves you like my real mother did don’t be like her treat others the way you want to be treated plz do the right thing Rip granny 😖😫and I also want to talk about bullying it is really not ok to make fun of someone for any reason at all you want to know that words have power and of you say something mean to someone and you keep on you know that is the cause of people, Teens, kids take there own lives due to bullying and just people bringing others down and it is not cool at all it really just makes me mad how people treat on another in thos evil world 😠
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