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After they discovered everything they need to learn how to use their powers they need to cause if they don't maybe some crule people might wake the beast up by taking away the crystal! They need to learn quick!

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Chapter 2

After they relized what have happened the ground started to rumble again! Then they saw...... Two people? Then Rayen relized that those are Jovan and Sador, both of them took a glimpse at them and their faces were shocked Sador ran and huged them and said "your okay!" Jovan walks up to them and said "we thought you were gone forever!" Navilyn asked in confusion "gone? What do you mean?" Jovan explained "that there was a horrible war and they didint make it out they retreated and left with devastation" . The four of them were confused and asked for further information but then Sador said "after devastated we under ground and slept for 900000 years but we didint know you were still alive!" then Oliver told them that they were not the elements that were talking about, then both of them felt sad
Navilyn felt sorry for them cause she can how they feel then she said "maybe we can be the new elements we can maybe... You know... Make a new future?" Sador and Jovan are happy and said "sure!" but the problem is they don't know how to use their powers Jovan and Sador explained every use of their power and how to control their power. It took a long time for them to get use to their powerd but it worked out on the end, they did training, they did testing, and practicing Ericka sighed and rest on a comfy flower bed as Oliver is figuring out how to make explonlsive potions and Navilyn working on her physics and Rayen inventing new things but little did they know somthing I going to steal the red crystal after the training they all did well Ericka said "so it worked at the end after all! Oh and also what is this necklace on our necks?" Sador explained "these necklace are very important they are the crystal of your power if you take it of you will turn back to your original form" Oliver said "cool!"
Rayen said "it's getting late now I think we should go home" "aw man" said Ericka. Jovan and Sador waved goodbye hopeing they would come back tomorrow for more training but they have to hide their powers and identity so they took of their necklace and will try to find somewhere to hide it. At night a thieve was planing on stealing he saw the four travellers leave the cave and he wonder if there's any money so after the four of they left the thieve went in he saw a red shinny crystal and took it then Jovan spotted him he took his magical staff and said "put the crystal back where it belongs and nobody gets hurt!" but thieve though he was wearing a costume and laughed and said "it's not October yet kid I think your a little too early!" then Jovan shooted at him and he was zapped to the ground and Jovan took the crystal back to where it belongs and he makes sure there are no cracks or else the beast might wake up, thank goodness there are no cracks and then he sent the thieve to the dungeon.

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