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1: Allea

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Allea's life can be summed up in one word; waste. Looking back all she saw was a girl running behind things, things that never belonged to her. The thought of having another chance never crossed her mind, yet here she was. Staring at the reflection of her sixteen-year-old self, the time when Allea, herself, started it all. //Rebirth// /Warning;/Use of profanities./ ... All rights reserved © Ruji, 2020. Please note that this story was first published on Watt/pad under the profile: itsRujihere (2020). This is an original work, with all rights under Ruji. [ I, Ruji, take no credits of pictures or art of any kind used inside this book, all credits go to the rightful owners.] [Ruji: Please know that this is my first work and my knowledge lacks, so there might be mistakes, go easy on me. Thank you!]

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Ruji (itsRujihere)
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The dusky light from ajar curtains was glimpsing inside the room and if not for it illuminating the room that was drowned in darkness, it would have been improbable to outline her body curled on the floor. Her slovenly hair scattered around, hiding her face that was buried in the knees attached to her chest and arms wrapped around it. Her fairly audible sobs, which she was trying to control but hardly could, were resonating throughout the quiet room. She was breathing hard, tears uncontrollably running down her eyes, when she couldn’t seem to repress her sobs despite trying to stuff them inside her, they burst into wailing and then into screams, but there was no one to hear them, no one to realize the pain she was trying to lessen through them.

Even her screams weren’t helping in what she was feeling; she could barely move her body but still dragged it toward the mirror resting in the corner. Though she couldn’t see her reflection, she still closed her eyes not wanting to face herself, she used her last strength to stand in front of it and just stood there screaming -not once opening her swollen eyes.

When she couldn’t seem to restrain her over-flown emotions, she raised her trembling left hand and slapped herself across the face with the last strength she had. The slap to remind herself what she was here for, and it did. Slowly she opened her eyes, but the only thing she could discern through her blurry vision was her brown eyes gleaming in tears.

“Where...how.... why was I-I so wrong...”

She whispered, her voice trembling the same as her weak body but she still somehow struggled to keep standing.

“I don’t want this...” She muttered and then repeated this same line again & again while staring at her dead eyes, her enormous tears somewhat lessened and their visible traces were left on her face yet she tried to have a look at her frail body but the darkness surrounding her and inside her didn’t help.

Her right hand trembled vigorously and she had to tighten her grip on the gun she was holding while placing it against her head.

Closing her eyes once again, she tried hard to ignore the terror that took over her body because of what she was going to do. Her voice was dead & quivering when she mumbled some words in a barely audible voice, ” I-I don’t w-want this...b-but t-there’s n-no other w-way...I c-can’t face...myself a-and him...”

These were her last words when she shot herself in the head and her dead body sprawled lifeless on the floor in her own blood.


“Behind us is the Allgaier Mansion, where Allea Allgaier was found dead. Her body was found by the people from the Auction staff. It’s said that she killed herself three days ago. It was suicide.”

“The Allgaier Corporation, which went into bankruptcy two weeks ago, Its representative and CEO, Allea Allgaier killed herself in their former Mansion.”

“The Mansion was decided to be sold in the auction when the step-daughter of Odgen Allgaier, who died along with his wife in plane crash nine years ago, found dead in it.”

“What was the reason for infamous Allea Allgaier to kill herself? Was it the bankruptcy of Allgaier Corporation or the death of the original heir and her brother three weeks ago?”

“With Allea Allgaier’s death, the last thread of Odgen Allgaier’s legacy breaks, and soon the name of Allgaier family will also perish.”

“What a tragic end of the Allgaier Family.”

“Hey, you heard about that Allea bitch, it was all over the news that she killed herself. Shocking, right?”

“Yeah...I kinda feel bad for her.”

“Don’t. Have you forgotten how much hell she has put you through just to have an appointment with the boss?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Thank God, we don’t have to see more of her snobby-selfish self. I believe Miss Lynch must have been celebrating, but do you think Boss even knows?”

“I don’t know, though I haven’t given him today’s newspaper yet.”

“Slip the news along with the coffee, and let’s see even if he remembers her or not.”

The girl to whom this suggestion was directed, nodded solemnly and left the coffee room. Her heals made a sound -click-clack- against the waxed floor as she walked -in her typical professional dress of secretary, a black skirt and white blouse- toward the only office on the floor of the president and knocked on it. Getting permission, she stepped inside and placed the person’s desired coffee along with the newspaper on the table. As she narrated the schedule of her boss, not once his eyes moved toward the front page of the newspaper, on which in bold words news was written of Allea Allgaier’s death along with her picture.

When she was about to excuse herself, she heard her boss’s cold voice directed toward her, “Throw this newspaper in the trash.”

Nothing but darkness.

She doesn’t know how it happened but she can’t seem to escape this darkness, the last thing she remembered was killing herself. And the moment on, she found herself trapped in this darkness, it was the room where she couldn’t see anything except the utter blackness and with each passing day she could feel the walls closing her in more & more and she couldn’t find any door, no matter how much she tried.

She could feel the time passing as she laid there on the floor trapped inside the dark & narrow room. Which will soon suffocate her soul, and what will happen next? Will she find the door, open it, and get out of here? Or she’ll stay confined inside this darkness forever.

The time continued to pass, she didn’t realize how and she found herself stuffed between the walls where she couldn’t even sit, and only stand as the walls were surrounding her from four directions.

Despite her struggle in the beginning she never found the door and at last, she lost her hope to find it and now could only wait for these walls to crush her. Somehow the thought of death, once again, frightened her, but she hated this darkness and considered it still a better option, maybe death was her door but didn’t she opened it once? She couldn’t seem to recall, her memories turned hazy after years of this darkness filling her mind & soul, and with time she couldn’t even remember how she reached here and who she was.

There was only one thought -death and when she thought that death will embrace her and end her misery, she felt relieved, a feeling she hasn’t felt for years. But the next moment the walls around her dissolved and the darkness turned into blinding light and when she heard the familiar name, all the memories came rushing back.


“Allea, my child, what will you chose, the relief of death, or the hope of life?”

She couldn’t see anything because of the light and the tears that started pouring out of her eyes, but the asked question reached her vividly and she cleared the tears away, bravely opened her eyes to answer, and extended her hands toward the light, she wanted it to engulf her and the darkness surrounding her. Life...

“Life, a-a life where I-I’ll never be weak a-again.”

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