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Another Me

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If your alternative universe self came to kill you, what would yo do? This happens to happen to happen to our protagonist named Zero, only problem is, he is the evil villain

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Another Me

Another Me

I look at my own self standing right in front of me, ahh how I know that look, the look of disgust and disappointment apper in his eyes as he stares me down, the same exact look I use to give myself every day and night.

When I was young I would always work on improving myself will others kids where playing, I did not want to turn out like a failure, yet here I am, looking at myself and what I have become, What was it all for anyways?

If only my other self from another universe was not trying to kill me right about now I would have thought about it more.

As I run in a speed I never hope to achieve again I realize, why am I even running? What’s the point? I’m going to die anyways so why? It’s not like I have a reason to live is there?

I do wonder though, why me? Why is he trying to kill me? I don’t think I have done anything thing remotely wrong, so why? If he was not trying to kill me right now I would have probably asked him.

I’m going to reach my limit soon, I hope he is as tired of running as I am, he is another me after all.

As I run I start to see the end of the cliff and get a strange feeling, like I have been here before. If I were to fall I don’t think I would survive if I’m honest.

As I reach the end of the cliff I turn back to him and ask, “Why?Why me of all people, of all universes is it me?!”

He looks at me with a blank face, not showing a bit of emotion or empathy.

“Because you’re a evil and cruel person , or will become a evil and cruel and unjust person , you are going to doom this world and mine, that is why I must stole it before it happens.”

I look at him, I’m a bit confused but I do believe that I can become evil if enough time passes, or maybe just a sad sack in fact.

As he aimed his gun at me I look at him with a small but happy smile.

“I’d rather free myself then having you set me free.”

I fall of the cliff, quite slowly for some reason, my memory starts to flash before my very own eyes, I guess it’s true that when you are about to die they appear.

But for some reason I started to get that weird feeling again, like a strong since of dévà vu and I start to realize, this is not the first time I have fallen off this very same cliff.

I would often read under a tree here but as more and more kids came they would always play games, I was pushed off by accident, or so they say, because they were playing a game.

Why did I not just stay and the water that time? If I did I would not have even have to live this part of my life, in this cruel world we live in.

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