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Diane Alexandra Aldine is a very well-known name across the country. The Aldines' are the royal family in the kingdom, Diane being the second child of the king and queen. But when her older brother is killed and she becomes heir to the throne, suddenly the royal life and responsibility are too much for her- especially when she wants nothing to do with her new task of finding a prince to marry. All she wants is to be free. ~~~ Emelia Lightfoot is a commoner of the village at the bottom of the hill the castle sits on. She comes from a family of fishermen and shipbuilders, so she knows her way of the sea. She's a lighthearted girl that enjoys adventure, not bothered by the fact she is a commoner, or peasant, and lives her life freely. But when she finds an old letter hidden- and signed by her parents, she tries to find a way to set sail and find them. Both girls seek freedom. And both share a love for the water. When they cross paths and sparks fly, can they ever truly escape the world they know? And what happens when feelings get involved in a life where they can't be together?

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Boba Milk Tea Boy
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“Hey, Diane,” I say. The sky is filled with thousands of stars, illuminating the dark waters- sparkling, glistening under the moonlit clear sky. Not a cloud in sight. It was beautiful.

“Yeah?” She turns her head to me, her dark hair spilling around her head on the soft, prickly grass of the hill we lay on. I reach my hand up, as if I could touch the stars. They seem so close- yet so far away.

“Do you wanna run away?”

I close my fist as if I were capturing the sparkling dots in my hand, reaching back down. I turn my head to look at her too, her bright blueish gray eyes with a tint of green, reminding me of the ocean. “Let’s do it, let’s run away,” I say, more excitedly this time. Her face is centimeters from mine, so close I can feel her breath on my face and I’m sure she can hear my heart thumping loudly in my chest. What is this weird feeling?

“Where would we go?” She chuckles, that light and lovely sound echoing in my ears.

“Anywhere. We could take the boat and leave, be finally free from this place.” She looks at me and her eyes glisten. I can see the reflection faintly of the millions of bright stars in her eyes and she smiles brightly like the sun.

“Okay,” she says quietly. “Anywhere is fine, if it’s with you.”

The ocean- the one place I loved for so long. The place I hated and avoided for so long. The one place I finally felt free. With her, I could do anything. With her, I was free. “Yeah, let’s do it.”

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