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Huxley & Ellowyn, Vol. I

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Huxley Scarlett is a writer in the city of Chicago. Though his career started off strong, he’s quickly lost popularity with his fans. Wandering from failed book to failed book, he struggles to make ends meet. Suddenly, his distant Uncle dies, and since Huxley is his only living relative his belongings come to him. Along with a small amount of wealth, he gets two boxes worth of items that are now his inheritance. In the first box are various knick-knacks, some photos, and a single, unforgotten book, while in the second, much smaller box is a few pieces of jewelry as well as a note and a strange antique pen. With it is a note that convinces Huxley to use this pen. The note tells Huxley that he can use the pen to write anything into existence except for money, and the pen cannot change anything that has already happened, nor can it alter the future (such as change the outcome of a future football game) and that if the article that the item being written in is destroyed, so too will the item. This pen allows the writer to write ideas into existence. He’s skeptical at first, but after some experimentation proves his late Uncle’s words true, his shut-in lifestyle provokes an even better idea: The Perfect Girl. Why not write in the best girlfriend he could ever have? but he’s not ready for the life changing impact that this girl will bring him.

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I’ve made some mistakes in my life. Not all of them I grieve, however. As I write this, I have two things continually reminding me of this factor. One is my phone, blown up with messages from various people who are--believe it or not--amazing at critiquing me at any given notice.

Secondly, I have a small, tiny, annoying finger gesturing from word to word as I write this, telling me good options for words, pointing out my typos, and correcting my grammar usage. Now, as an author, I can’t say that this particularly bothers me. What does bother me about this circumstance, however, is that the one correcting me is twelve years old.

And now, I have successfully confused you. Before I tell you all of the stories that led me to this point, I think I should tell you the beginning. An introduction of sorts that will give a bit of understanding as to where I’m coming from, how I got here, and what agents in my life will keep me going…

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