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The driver

“Motherfucker” Covrin cursed as he ducked behind a table, Nearly getting shot “Remind how we got in this situation,” He asked Jasmine, sapphire, and isabella. That was the names they had given, their true names were Isla for isabella, Delta for sapphire, and Jasmine for pearl.
“You wanted to go out for some ice cream with us” Jasmine responded coolly.
“And look how that turned out,” Covrin said slightly annoyed.
“Everyone stop arguing” Sapphire snapped ``We have a problem, Somethings coming and it’s big” AC/DC's back in black started Playing full blast and Covrin hit the floor “And that’s Our ticket out of here, So duck,” he said. the three girls nod and do so as a car comes crashing through the back wall, headed in reverse. The shifting of gears could be heard and the car whipped around the Shop hitting two of their attackers into a wall. Jasmine noticed it was Some type of convertible. It parked right next to them and the doors popped open. They all scrambled in, and whoever was driving hands covrin an assault rifle. The car floors it, ramming into two other Gunmen who came through the hole, sending them flying back out. He shifted gears Once again and started driving as if nothing had happened. "This is stryker,” covrin said plainly. "He does his job, he has One rule, Keep it professional" cover explained. stryker held up two slim fingers. "Oh, right there is one more rule. Don't call him at midnight" covrin chuckled. "Last time I did that it took him an hour to show up" Covrin grumbled and glared at the man, who just kept driving, As shots rang out.
"I thought you took care of them all!" Jasmine yelled to Covrin.
"Not,” Covrin said coolly and opened the glove box that had a pistol. He grabbed it and started shooting. The problem was they were On a road with no other cars, So no cars to cut off. Stryker hit the brakes and the cars went flying by before he shifted the gears again and started to drive. They eventually reached the compound and Covrin and the girls got out. Covrin nods to stryker and he drives off.

Stryker sighed and took off his jacket, hat, and sunglasses before hitting play On Roaring 20s by Panic at the disco. He hummed singing along to the music at hectares to do his chores. "Marlene, Honey I'm" he froze seeing the note on the fridge, then sighed. It seemed like she would be later than usual today. He tossed his keys in a small cup holder on top of their microwave. And started washing the dishes, Just as a click of the door opening was heard. He carefully made his way through the small apartment and Marlene stepped in, and he grinned before pouncing on her, nearly tackling her. He kissed her softly. "Hey Marlene,” he said cheerfully
"Javi, never do that again" she growled, and Javi gulped
"Yes dear,” he said cheekily and she kissed him.
"So how was work?" She asked
"The usual" he replied simply
"Oh really? The car didn't break down or anything?" She said cheekily
"It didn't, For a change,” he said cheerfully. She just glared at him and huffed. His car, a modified 1978 Chevy Pontiac, needed several upgrades to its engine and frame. They were expensive sure but well worth it in his opinion. He owed the guy a couple thousand, for repairs and upgrades, But he managed to pay almost all of it off. One Or Two More chauffeur rides and he could get enough money to move them out of this Place. Even better if they were risk driving, Just like the One he had done for Covrin today, if it was one more, it would pay off the entire debt and some of the rent bill. Then They would be free at last. A beachfront property, him and his girlfriend watching from their porch as the waves lapped onto the beach, the Sun setting over the horizon, casting golden rays, Walks On the beach with her, Going into retirement early, living out his days In peace. He shook himself out of his thoughts and a soft smile appeared On his face before he yawned and headed off to bed.

Beep. beep. Javi groaned and rolled out of their bed, quietly untangling Marlene's hands from his body, quickly grabbing his Phone and taking a shower, grabbing his hat and sunglasses On the way out. He answered the Phone. “Heyyyyyy Stryker” Covrin giggled and hiccuped before the Phone was snatched away from him. Jasmine sighed Over the other end
“We are all slightly drunk, So do you mind picking us up, 278 elm street” her words were slightly slurred, and she sounded slightly drunk, stryker hummed in accomgelemnt. He started to drive and ended the Call before he arrived On elm street, and the girls followed by Covrin stumbled Out, Covrin was a giggling mess and the Only One who was even slightly Sober Was Jasmine, though that wasn’t saying much. He shrugged and popped Open the doors. Jasmine hopped in next to him, and the other girls, Plus Covrin stumbled into the back seats and sat covrin upright. they somewhat drunkenly did their and Covrin’s seat belts. Stryker shot Jasmine, then Covrin a look. “He wanted for us to experience the nightlife.” She said, by way of explanation. Stryker nodded as if to say, yeah that makes sense. He drove to the compound, and stryker glared at jasmine, who was about to touch the radio, and he shook his head, and she backed off. His lip quirked up in amusement, and He stopped the car, Just outside of the gates. ”I’ll remind Covrin to pay you later when he isn’t drunk,” She said cheerfully, getting out of the car, and helping the others drag him into the compound. Stryker Drove off, slightly amused.

Javi sighed and hung up his hat. He heard sniffling, So he headed towards it, Only to find Marlene curled up On the living room, couch, crying. “Marline, Love, what's wrong?” He asked softly, the pit of his stomach-dropping, He hated watching her cry, he didn't want her to cry.
“I can’t, I just can't” She sobbed, And Javi felt the pit of his stomach drop even more.
“Can’t what, Love?” He asked.
“I can’t pretend anymore, You leave at random times during the day, gone for some time hours, sometimes day’s, it’s taking a toll On me, and I have had enough” the last few words were hissed angrily,
“This is goodby then?” Javi asked.
“It is” She confirmed softly, “I’ve already packed my stuff, And I wish the best for you Javi” she whispered and slipped into their room, a single roller bag, and a duffel bag, before she tossed her keys to him, and left. he caught it and sighed. Shaking he sat down on the couch and quietly turned On the TV, Idly flipping through the channels, as a sense of hollowness settled in. He eventually turned it off and went to bed.

Beep. Beep. Javi sighed, looking over to the other side of the bed, Only to find it empty. Last night came rushing back to him and he felt like crying. He slipped out, then walked into the Bathroom. Marines stuff was Gone, the stuff that made the bathroom theirs. It felt so empty. He washed up, and got ready for the day, trying to ignore the crushing loneliness in his chest. Beep beep. He grabbed his phone. 215 elm street, high risk, I’ve wired the payment for last night into your account. Javi sighed quietly and got into his car, driving towards the address and He hit play On his Phone. He had been saving up his money for a remote beachfront property, but that wouldn't matter now, would it? He kept driving

Covrin grabbed Sapphire as she was about to poke her head out. “How Can they get away with attacking us?” she asked, slightly annoyed as shots rang out
“Bribes and threats, lots of em,” he said as if that explained everything, and it kinda did As pressure by muse started to play, and covrin groaned. “I shouldn't have drunk So much” he groaned As Stryker used his car, smashing two men, before he let loose the machine guns, popped open the doors, and gestured for them to get in. Covrin got the feeling he was enjoying ripping the attackers to pieces. Isabella Got in the front with Stryker, as Jasmine, sapphire, and covrin got in the back. He floored it and broke through the hole he had made in the back entrance, before turning onto the main road and driving to the compound, all the while Isabella was trying to talk to him about something or the other. It was then sapphire noticed that something felt off about stryker today. They turned onto a dirt path and in an hour or So arrived at the compound, and by that time Isabella had stopped trying to chat him up. It was a good thing too because he looked like he was tired. Stryker drove off, and Covrin wired the payment.

Javi sighed and put the last bag into his car, nodding at the movers. He had emptied out the apartment, all of his debts were paid off, and he had managed to buy the beachfront property outright, thanks to his savings and the last ride. He parked his car On the lot meant for the residents and Unloaded his stuff. A couple of hours later, he had helped the movers unpack, and gave them a case of beer for their troubles. He chucked and flopped On the beanbag chair he had got on the porch. “To freedom” he whispered sadly, and took a sip from the beer, as the sunset before chugging the rest, and grabbing his Phone, before heading to sleep.

Ring ring. He grabbed his phone, and it was Corvin. He sighed “Covrin, I swear if you Are drunk again, I’ll kill you” he grumbled and got dressed, putting On his hat sunglasses and the forest green cloak he always wore when chauffeuring. He picked the Phone up and accepted the call.
“Ice cream! Ice cream!” A voice that sounded like jasmine was heard, sounding awfully drunk, and a sigh was heard.
“Blackout drunk, both of them,” Isabella said calmly, though her words were slightly slurred. “213 Main street,” She said and hung up. Stryker grinned. He had a couple of tricks up his sleeve and a couple of secrets there too. He had helped keep Some mermaids from being discovered in his school years. He remembered Isla delta and pearl with a tinge of fondness. They have had to go home, of course, Islas duty as the queen of the mermaids, and Delta as well as pearl had their duty to her as well. He had missed the girls, and he was having his suspicions that Covers friends were merfolk as well. He wouldn't say anything of course, and if they let slip, he would pretend not to notice. Stryker got in his car and started to drive.

“Ice Cream! Ice cream!” Jasmine yelled and Isabella sighed.
“Tone it down” She snapped at The pair now pissed. And Jasmine looked at her wide-eyed, god she hated that look, it was annoying
“No, it's funnnnnnnn” Covrin Whined and Isabella facepalmed. Sapphire sighed as well, turning to her. As amusing as his antics were, it was downright annoying, They had Come back under a false name, looking for Javi, To make sure he was okay. She hadn't been sure, but delta and pearl had Convinced her to Go back up. Covrin knew since he was the One who found them On the beach, and he had told them as much. She had used the Cover of scouting to try and find Javi, but No luck So far. She sighed. She was worried and frustrated that she couldn't find him. Why did she have an inkling Covrins chauffeur at the very least Knew Javi
“We are all worried for him” Sapphire sighed, Sliding Over “it’s annoying” her voice was lowered to a whisper Now. “And frustrating, But we will find him,” She said firmly and isabella smiled softly

Stryker sighed and parked his car. “I’m here” he texted and a moment later a very drunk Jasmine and covrin came out stumbling As Isabella slid into the front seat while sapphire slid in the back. She looks worried about something. He frowned and checked to See if everyone had their seatbelts On, and started driving to the compound. It wasn't his problem, after all. Stryker drove up to the compound gate and helped Covrin and the girls out. Jasmine was still screaming Ice cream repeatedly. His lips quirked up in amusement. “What are ya looking at?” Jasmine hiccuped.
“Oh nothing, Just remembering a friend, who would always want Ice cream whenever we went out, She moved” Stryker resiled he’d given too much away and got in his car driving off.
“Hmmm, you think he might know Javi,” Isabella asked sapphire in a low tone “might be possible,” sapphire replied. “Now come On let's drag them inside”

Javi sighed entering his Home, that was close, they had almost found out who he was. He messed up,but not too badly. He sighed, and looked at the TV, Idly flipping through channels as a crash was heard. He grabbed a knife And crept up silently to the hole. “Idiots, you could have used a glass cutter and maybe gotten away with breaking in” he muttered softly.
“The Bosses Orders are clear, kill Stryker and do it quickly, Lucky for us he lives alone, with No One In hearing range, should he put up a fight” Javi had heard enough, And he jumped down, taking One of the three assianletants by surprise and tabbing him before quickly moving to to the other One, There was a reason Covrin called him stryker. He dodged a punch using the man's Own momentum against and slamming him into the floor with a ground, charging at the third asslliant as they fight their way through the house, both equally skilled in their own right, they eventually reached the living Room, and Javi grabbed anything he could think of using it against the man who barley was fazed, and he kept going On dodging and deflecting, before the man pinned him down. He kicked him in the nuts and the mad stumbled backwards and he grabbed his Phone and Called Covrin
“Stryker, what the” a gunshot was heard Over the other end as Javi twisted out of the way, the bullet hitting his Phone and he glared, and in the blink of an eye the gun went flying across the house and smashed through a window, As Javi attacked and kept the man On the back foot before he made a mistake, and the man knocked him out. He stood up. He called someone “Yes i have him subdued, you may bring in the tank” he ended the call and waited for the water tank to Arrive.

“One problem, Does anyone know where Stryker lives?” Jasmine asked sword In hand, As lighting coursed through it, and sapphire snorted “Of course Not you idiot” she sneered half heartedly trident in hand. Isabella Ground, a katna in her hand. “Just great Just great” she glared at Delta, “your highness i meant no offence” a knock on the door was heard, and isabella yelled come in. Covrin opened the door, he eyed the trident and sword with lighting coursing through it warily. “Remind me not to piss off you lot” he said grimly, “I found strykers address, you wont believe this, he has a beach house” Covrin laughed, then turned serious. “Alright, let's go,” he said, pulling out a gun. “Complain about my choice of weapon later” he said holding up a hand to forestall any complaints, “Now let Go we have a debt to repay” he said seriously and strolled out the girls headed to the car

Javi woke up and water immediately rushed into his eyes and mouth, before rescinding. “We don’t want you dead, Just yet stryker” Axel appeared “First it was going to be a professional courtesy that i would kill you In a fight, imagine my surprise when i found out it was you” he sneered, and memories flashed by As Javi refused to date the other, admittedly handsome man. He hadn't felt an attraction to axel. “So this is what it’s about, petty revenge?” Javi asked, a hollow laugh reaching his throat.
“Partly, You took everything i had,” he sneered “you took marlne, you took her from me” Axel said, sounding slightly insane now. “It wasn’t my problem if she didn't want to have you” javi replied. “You've made my organization look bad, and that was the last straw, I will watch as everyone you cared for dies, goodbye Javi” he said coldly, as the tank filled up with water Once again and he walked out

“You sure this is the right place?” Jasmine asked calmly
“Yes I’m sure” Corvin checked the stricken car and his keys were in the glovebox. Covrin pocketed them as an afterthought, Just in case, as they crept to the house under cover of nightfall, and the moon showed, and Isabella smiled. The other two exchanged a knowing glance but crept On. The windows were opened and everyone tensed. “I’ll go in first you three follow me” he jumped through the opening and indeed, then the girls split up Once they got in as well. “Each of you take a room” he ordered softly, the girls nodded.

Javi gasped as the water came up to his Nose Once again, he had to admit it was a genius contraption. A single command was given End him” the water rose up past his head and he started to gasp, before clamping his mouth shut, that helped and soon he fell unconscious

Covrin dispatched a guard and the girls returned from their search, looking rattled. “Downstairs then?” he sighed as Jasmine and sapphire took the lead Only to find “Javi?” Isabella asked tentatively, then wheeled On covrin. “Javi is stryker?” covrin raised an eyebrow. “It seems So, and how do you know him?” he asked the mermaids “It’s a long story, starting with him asking me out On a date before getting caught in a rip current and finding out we were mermaids” her lips quirked upwards, “thats an oversimplification” Sapphire commented dryly, As she used her trident to Open the glass, Just As Javi woke up and shook his head frantically. “Stay still” Sapphire and Isbella Hissed calmly, and Javi mouthed “behind you” Just as the glass shattered and three flashes of light were seen. Corvin quickly made his way to Javi, unchained and he grabbed a sword off the ground as a knife split into the floor, and Javi charged looking Very much within his element, dodging deflecting a blocking, his movements as smooth as water. “He certainly has gotten better,” delta remarked and Javi raised an eyebrow, killing the last Assassin. And sighed tiredly, pulling Delta Up. “towels Are the bathroom” he said, unfazed by the fact that there were three merfolk In his house, as he moved the girls to three chairs, and sat down On the couch with a sigh. “Remember when we first met?” Javi asked, “that was a ride” He grinned, looking at delta “I remember you lot almost killing me after your memory wipe failed” the human sagged slightly and gave isla wry grin.
“Hey, we Only threatened to kill you,” Delta protested, and Javi Smiled.
“You keep telling yourself that'' As the night turned into early morning the human and mermaids caught up. “I guess it’s time for us to go,” Isla sighed. “I guess,” he said softly “we’ll visit okay?” and Covrin came down, looking ready to go. “So this is it?” Javi asked hollowly.
“We’ll Visit, I promise” Isla repeated, pulling Javi into a hug, that the others Soon Joined.
“Ahem” Covrin cleared his throat, and the girls silently let go of Javi. “see ya idiots, well whenever I see ya guys,” he said cheerfully. “Don’t be a stranger, you know where I live” the girls nodded and got up walking out to the beach. Three splashes later, and they were gone, As Covrin nods at Javi and he leaves
Somewhere on the coast of japan
November 23, 2025
Javi looked out at the waves On the surf, three splashes were heard, and three familiar figures washed ashore, numerous cuts and scrapes on them, the kind you would only get from swords and knives. A shiver went down his spine as he brought them in and started to patch them up. Aw shit, here go again.
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