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The tears you can't see

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This is just me sharing my life story. Even though I'm still 14 I've had a lot go on in my life. This book might not make sense but I just need to get things off my chest. Thank you for reading loves ❤

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My graet granny Honey

The thing is pain doesn't end it moves on to something or someone else, so imagine the pain I felt when my graet grany died I felt anger, sorrow, and so much pain. I never new my mother she left me when she was released from the hospital after she had me, I wasn't even 3 days old befor she decided she didn't want me.

She hurt me alot but honestly I think it made me think smater. I mean why would I waste my time wanting someone who doesn't want me, doesn't make sense.

I lived with my dad but my nana and graet granny lived with us and help raise me. my nana and dad worked a lot so my great granny basically raised me she taught me a lot of things and respect was the most important thing she taught me, she said "in order to get respect you must give it no mater the age or person"

Everybody In my family called my great Granny honey. honey had 5 kids (my nana the oldest) and honeys kids had 15 kids and those kids had 25 kids. I'm not the first graet grand kid but I'm the second graet grand kid and the oldest girl so you could say our bond was strong.

she was a beautiful, 4,11 curly haired brown skin woman who always had on jewelry and always smelled good. having a lot of aunties, uncles, and cousins there was always something happening either fight or a party or graduation or a funeral something was happening.

one of her wishes befor she died was that I Meet my mother and that nobody was fighting and I made those wishes come true I met my mother and nobody fought. I found out that I have a brother and we kind of talk dut not really. im just glad I could make her happy even though she not with us anymore

I love you honey always and forever 💛

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