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This is the outline or first drift of the preface of a work in progress

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“ This story fits the Evolution so well”
“ There once was a little boy. Who found the cocoon of a butterfly that was struggling to break free of its cocoon. Over the course of a few days the little boy checked on the butterfly’s progress. He noticed that due to small whole with in its cocoon the butterfly was struggling to break free. Until one day he cut a large whole in the cocoon. This allowed the butterfly to break free, right before his eyes. However when this butterfly emerged he was miss sharpened and couldn’t fly. The little and his mother sought out the local veterinarian for help. What the veterinarian told them was “ because you helped the butterfly by cutting a whole in the cocoon he would never fly”. The reason is because the smaller whole that the butterfly was struggling to emerge from was part of the process that he needed in order to earn his proper shape and fly. The whole was intended to pull the fluid from his body and grain him the ability to fly.

I start this book by sharing this simple story as best as I can recall it because it’s a story that relates so well with the space I spent so many of my years and the path I have traveled to reach this moment in time.

Thru out the course of the time we spend together I am going to chronicle the process from which I have begun to fly and thrive. Thru recalling stories and entries from my journal I kept thru out my struggle I will show you the would thru the eyes of someone who reclaimed his lease on life and began to navigate the reality of his surroundings wether he wanted to or not.

Thru out the road map that I’ve trekked to spreading my wings to fly I have relaid upon Mother Nature while also reaching into the past to drain the fluid of the miss shaped person I once was. Just show the power adversity at its finest.
Together we will explore how someone can go from being so desperate just fit into life. To become someone who now is learning to live life complete and whole.
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