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Rylea's chances at love

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Rylea is a doctor at the local hospital. She hardly has time for dates since she is on call basically 24/7. That is until she meets Walter Marshall & captain Syverson. they both change her world and she experiences things she has never experienced before.

Other / Romance
Miranda N
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Chapter 1

Rylea come on, you have plenty of time to come with us to the bar before you have to go to work. and it’s not like we are asking you to get wasted. We just want to hang out with you the one rare time we can since you're always busy.” my great friend Samarah said

“Yea and besides you may find you a man,” my closest friend Primrose said

“Alright I will go,” I tell

They both get excited and clap their hands before heading into my closet to find me something.

“Not wearing a dress” I called after them.

“Oh! alright fine,” Primy said

I walked to my bedroom and sat there on my bed watching them go through my clothes.

“You have tons of nice sexy clothes yet you wear formal business attire all the time,” Samarah says

“Casue I am on call twenty-four seven. it’s what happens when you are a doctor who is very well-liked, and recommended not to mention knows all the fields practically and works them all” I replied.

“You should start wearing normal attire too,” Primy says

“I might,” I tell her.

Without seeing them I know they are shaking their heads at my reply.

“Alright, so we picked this lace crop top with these white capris paired with these sandals,” Sam says as they lay the outfit out on my bed.

“Now you get changed into this and we will meet you downstairs. and for the love of god put some makeup on and do something pretty with your hair” Primy says as they both walk out my bedroom.

I got dressed then headed into my bathroom and put my hair up in a high ponytail leaving a long bang hanging along my face then went with a simple cat eye look before I walked out and grabbed a simple cover and headed out.

“Woah look at you Ry Ry,” Sam said as she and Primy both looked at me while I smiled and grabbed my purse and keys.

“You two ready?” I asked

They walked over to me and pushed me out.


We walked into the Bar and it looked like a homecoming for some of our military women and men.

“Looks like we picked the perfect night Sam,” Primy says as she and Sam pull me over to a booth.

“What do you two want to drink?” I asked

“Two hurricanes,” Primy says as she and Sam scope the bar out for some guys.

I walked over to the bar and waited for my turn.

“Well hello there.” I turned and saw a military guy staring at me.

“Hi” I greet then turn my attention back to the bar right as the bartender walked over.

“Whatever she wants I’ll pay,” the soldier said

“No it’s ok I can pay,” I tell him

“Allow me,” he says

“Alright. well, thank you for the drinks” I say then tell the bartender what drinks I wanted before sitting there and making small chat with the soldier.

I thanked the bartender and the soldier whose name I found out to be Garrett before I grabbed my drinks and headed off. not knowing Garrett was trailing behind me.

I handed Sam and Primy their drinks.

“Well hello there sexy,” Garret says as he stares at Sam.

“Hi, I am Sam,” she says offering her hand to him.

“Garrett,” he tells her as he shakes her hand.

I sit beside Primy as Sam sits next to Garrett and they both hit it off.

“Oh girl, look across the bar, there is a really hot soldier staring at you like your dessert,” Primy says.

I look up from placing my drink down and look at Primy before I looked over to where she was looking. When I did I seen this guy that looked like he was about to lung at me if I so much as breathed in his direction.

“Girl he looks like a hungry lion and you’re a helpless gazelle,” Primy says

“It’s creepy,” I tell her

She rolls her eyes and looks at me.

“Your crazy,” she says.

“He looks like he wants to attack me instead of talking,” I tell her

“So go for it,” she says.

“No thank you ” I reply

She went to say more but another soldier made their way over.

“Hello ladies names’ lieutenant Nikco,” he says

“Hello lieutenant,” We both say

“Can I ask your name beautiful?” he asks staring at Primy.

She blushed as she looked at him.

“Name is Primrose but my friends call me Primy,” she tells him

“Well would you care to dance?” he asks and she takes his hand and walks off.

Sam and Garret follow suit so it’s just me left alone with three drinks.

“About time they left, I dont like witnesses for what I am about to do.”

I looked up and seen the soldier Primy and I was talking about.

“What your about to do?” I asked

“I am gonna ravish you as you’ve only dreamed of.”

“Not thank you. I am not interested.”

“Not asking permission.”

“Will you please leave me alone.”

He goes to grab me but someone intervenes and grabs his arm.

“I do believe she said no, that she isn’t interested and to leave her alone, so private if I were you I’d listen or you will be running suicide laps,” the gentleman said.

“Oh come on captain, she is confused she doesn’t know what she wants till I show her,” he tells the guy.

“Last time private get lost or get your ass kicked” the captain warns then drops the guy’s arms and stands there watching him.

I look between the two not sure what is about to go down.

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