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Rylea's chances at love

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chapter 2

The creepy guy walked off and the gentleman turned to face me.

" Thank you,” I tell him

“Name’s Dean,” he says as he shakes my hand

“I am Rylea” I reply

He sits and makes his self comfortable without permission. Then helps himself to the drink including mine.

“If you will excuse me I have to go,” I say as I scoot around the other side of the booth only for him to block me.

Great another dude that wants to get in my pants.

“Excuse me, I need to go,” I tell him

“Nah, you’re staying,” he says

“No, I am not, now if you will move please,” I say

He sits there ignoring me so I move back around and slip out and go to leave but he grips my arm.

“Let me go right now,” I tell him.

“Or what?” he asks

“Or I will kick your ass for manhandling a lady.”

We both look at who just spoke and the guy who had a grip on my arm dropped it face and all but hauled ass out of there.

“Are all military men like the two I dealt with?” I asked the gentleman

“No, not all of us are assholes who can’t take a hint or understand the word no and think just casue we are in the military that we get any woman we want and that they are all willing to be screwed by soldiers,” he said

“Sorry to offend you if I did, just curious,” I tell him

“You haven’t offended me, darling,” he says and his southern accent is one that will make your panties wet.

“Well thank you for coming to my defense,” I tell him

“Any time,” he says.

“Do I get to know your name?” I asked

“Syverson but other call me Captain,” he says

“Well, Syverson I am Rylea,” I tell him and offer my hand for him to shake.

He takes it and kisses the back on my hand and I look down and notice his shirt is really damp on the side. Thinking its a spilled drink I say nothing about it just look back at Syverson and smile.

“I hate to leave but I need to get going, I have to work,” I tell him.

“Will I see you again?” he asks

“If your home for a long time I am sure we will have some run-ins,” I tell him”

“Well I am home for good so I look forward to seeing you around Darling.”

I smiled and bid him goodnight before I headed towards the door and sent a quick text to Primy and Sam that I had to go to work.


I was scheduled to work ER so I clocked in and slipped on a simple blouse than my coat before hanging up the clothes that I wore to the bar.

I greeted my fellow nurses and doctors who were clocking out to head home while I walked out and got my first patient of the night.

I have dealt with my fair share of weird and uncomfortable patients, some I have had to call security on while others would just knock themselves out.

Tonight was no different than those types of nights. The only difference is that a great majority of my patients have been military guys who were in fights.

“Hey Doctor Vilane got another military guy in room 113,” Nurse Ebony says

“Thank you, Ebony,” I tell her as I walked over and checked the patient’s information and seen the name was Knox Syverson.

I knocked on the door and walked in seeing the gentleman that I met at the bar.

“Well what a coincidence,” he says

I smiled as I walked in and seen another gentleman with him.

“Hello I am Dr.Vilane, I see here that you pulled some stitches,” I say

“Yea seems as if I overdid it with drinking” he jokes

I take a seat and place his file down before I grab some gloves and move over to him.

“Mind removing your shirt please?” I asked

“Darling if you wanted to see me naked you had to only ask” he jokes and the other guys slaps his arms.

“Oh come on Walt I am just playing with her” Knox says as he removes his top.

I grab his arm before he drops it down.

“Can you keep your arm right there please?”

“Sure darling.”

I examine his wound.

“Who did this?” I asked

“one of the army medics,” Knox says

“Well Mr.Syverson they did a ...excuse my language shitty job, and if these stay any longer in you, then they will casue an infection,” I tell him then move back and grab a few items then excuse myself and head out to grab the proper forceps and scissors I need to remove his stitches. Then grabbed the suture tools to restitch him.

I walked back in and placed all the items on the tray and place the tray on the bed and put a clean pair of gloves on my hands and opened the tweezers and other items before I started to clean the blood that was dried up around the wound.

“This will hurt, but I will do my best to make it as painless as I possibly can,” I tell him

“Do your worse. I have had worse things happen to me when I was on the field” he tells me

“Well thank you for your service, I really thankful for men like you and our women that serve,” I tell him as I some numbing cream then start removing the stitches and clean the wound before I start restitching it.

He cursed a little.

“So your home for good, are you happy about it, or will you miss being on the field and fighting?” I asked trying to make light conversation.

“I will miss it. But I won’t miss being shot at, bombs or any other thing I rather not talk about.”

“Fair enough, I understand.”

I finished up then wrapped his new stitches. and moved back and tossed the trash and gloves before I moved the tray to the counter.

“Do you can put your shirt back on,” I tell him.

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