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A Book Of Short Stories

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This is a book full of short stories that I have written. I didn't know what to do with them, so I decided to publish them. In this cold season, sit back, relax with a steaming hot coco with whipped cream melting to foam and enjoy reading!

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Short Story 1~ A Twisted Pleasure

“Baby~” A man whined. His small pout formed by his bottom lip sticking out like a pleading puppy. From the table in front of the man, the woman’s feather danced across the paper laid before her. After a long pause, the man pushed himself from the soft bed.

The girl flinched as brown strands brushes the side of her cheek. The man snaked his arms around her shoulders. His hot breathe soaked into the girl’s white button up that sagged over her form. The man’s lips moved in closer to the girl’s ear. His hot breathing sent shivers down her spine.

“Baby, you are ignoring~” His hot whispers caused the girl’s body to tremble, but not enough to turn her gaze.

“You know just how important this is as much as I do.” The girl kept her gaze on the white piece of paper before her. The man sighed, glancing over her shoulder. White bandages line up past her folded sleeves. The man grabs ahold of the girl’s forearm. The girl’s nose crinkles, agony glinted behind her dark brown eyes, but still keeping her attention on the piece of paper. The man narrowed his eyes at the glance of the girl’s face.

“I’ll get him back for what he did to you.” The man snarled, crunching up his nose. The girl’s white feather stopped. She turned her gaze up to the man, whom held her in his arms.

“Don’t go after him alone, Alic. If you were injured, it would be something that I couldn’t bare.” The girl’s eyes caught hold of his sky blue eyes. Alic’s stare was held for a little while until a smirk was stretched on his peachy lips.

“Aw, is my princess getting feisty?” Alic giggled. Blush tainted the girl’s cheeks.

“Alic!” Alic brings a piece of the girl’s long hair to his lips.

“Alright, I promise, my princess.” Alic unwraps his arms from around the girl.

“Okay, that is enough for tonight.” The girl’s eyebrows knitted together as Alic pulled the wooden chair from the desk.

“My princess needs her her rest,” Alic swoops the girl in his arms as if the girl was a newly wed being held by her husband. The girl kicked her legs and wiggled in the man’s grasp.

“Baby, let me go!” The girl whined. However, no matter how hard the girl tried she failed to escape his grasp. Alic scoffed out a childish giggle.

“No, itis time to sleep,” The girl within his arms stared up into Alic’s eyes. Her childish pout made another giggle slip from Alic’s lips.

“Come on now, don’t use your cute face on me. I won’t budge from this one.” After a little while, the girl let out a sigh.

“Fine, only this once!” The girl’s hand gripped Alic’s black button up shirt the lightly sagged on his muscular form. Alic walked to one side of the king sized bed. Alic slowly lowered the girl onto the soft bed.

As the girl closed her eyes, she felt arms snake around her waist and a solid form against her back. Hot breaths brushed the back of the small girl’s head.

“Good night, my princess.” Alic’s whispering words were the last thing she heard before her slumber.


The sounds of screams and iron were the only things that could be heard. The girl’s narrowed eyes were darted toward a male in front of her.

“Just give up already! We all know that this victory is mine!” The man before her shouted.

“Not a chance, Lucus!” The girl pushed the against the sharp iron weapon in her head. The sword slides, creating small sparks. Alic quickly jumps in front of the girl, deflecting another blow from Lucus. The man’s slicked back hair slightly became undone.

“Alic!” The girl shouted.

“Princess, are you injured?”

“I’m fine, Alic!”

“I showed up to the party on time than.” Alic’s sky blue eyes narrowed.

“I see you finally showed up, Alic. Care to enjoy the show?” Lucus’s lips tighten into a smirk.

“Shut up, you monster!” Alic’s black combat boot made a grunt escape from Lucus’s lips.

“You’ll pay for that!” Lucus’s blood red irises held Alic’s sky blue eyes. As Alic held his sword against Lucus’s iron sword, the girl ran her silver blade through Lucus’s torso, making him become stiff. The girl yanked her blade from Lucus’s torso, making him become stiff. Scarlet slithered from the corner of his pink tinted lips. Lucus moved his hand to his scarlet stained tear in his black t-shirt.

“One day...I’ll…l’ll return,” Lucus gasped, plopping onto the cracked dirt. Soldiers dressed in black and red armor dissipated in black smoke. Without hesitation, Alic embraced the girl. Alic’s black glove brushed the surface of the girl’s dark brown hair. The girl buried her wet face in Alic’s black buttoned shirt.

“It is all finally over…” Alic’s hot breath grazed the girl’s dark brown hair. Tears soaked into Alic’s shirt.

“You’ve done it, my great knight.” The girl’s muffled a sniffle. She was in the arms of the man who she loved with her heart. Finally, her kingdom was freed from the wizard Lucus. For them, it ended with a fairytale ending. A happily ever after.

The girl laid still in her bed. In the girl’s slumber, tears stained her cheeks. Scarlet stained her golden bed sheets. A silver tipped dagger stuck out from her chest. Huffs and puffs was the only thing heard through the night. From the moonlight’s glow, a well built silhouette could be seen. On one half of his hair, it was colored in ebony while the other side in golden shades. Both his blood-red and sky blue eyes were widened. Despite having two eyes, the bottom lid of his sky blue eye was outlined in tears. The girl’s fairytale ended with one simple sentence; “Goodnight, my princess.”

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