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Writers, authors, whatever you call yourselves. Come one, come all, and test your hard-hitting stories against some of Inkitt's best underground talent. Do you have what it takes to battle your way to the top and take gold? Welcome in the new year with a brand new contest prepared to judge your story piece by piece, move up through the ranks until only one is left standing. Now, the question is, how quickly will you sign up? CLOSED

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To all the Potential MVPs

Here is an open letter from commissioner SteelerHeart on newest sport, IWL (Inkitt Writing League).

Future Competitors,

I assume you're here because you're ready to test your work versus other underground authors. Well, you'll be glad to know you've come to the right place.

Here, you can enter up to two stories (in different genres of course) and participate in three rounds (Season, Playoffs, and Writing Bowl) where an esteemed group of judges will read over the work and judge it based on that round's rubric. After each round, the results will be posted and those with the highest ranks will move on, the rest eliminated, until one book and author wins the Writing Bowl. There will also be conference, playoff winners (ie. the genre winners) as well plus the shortlist proceeding to the playoffs announced at the end as well.

I know, the sports analogies may be a bit confusing at first, but I promise everything will be explained thoroughly.

Fun fact: originally, back when I was planning the Masters and Legends Awards (the Pokémon themed competition I held earlier in the year) I had three different concepts drawn up, and this ended up being the second place idea, ultimately losing out to Pokémon.

To everyone participating, judging, or both, good luck and have fun.

You have a month to prepare, starting. . . NOW!

~ SteelerHeart


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