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Broken Memories

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Deep thoughts, are we a like? Do we share similar Hell's? Are thoughts can be terrifying and manipulating, but it's how we cope that brings us throughout life. So please read and tell me if we are a like, you never know we might just be able to win the fight in are minds together. Original! This is all my work, I hope you enjoy! It all came from the heart and from my Diary.

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The World

I hate what this world has come to.

The lying, the death, the cheating and fakeness.

Why can’t someone be themself? What satisfaction do people get from hating on one another?

What’s the point of all this, everyone can feel sadness and brokenness.

So why do people act like they can’t, like there always meant to be happy no matter what sticks you throw at them.

What goes on in the mind of others when they hurt one another? To be popular, to be liked? Why should it matter if people hate us?

Is being liked so important that you’re willing to bully other people for it?

What has this world come to...making people think less about themself. Why, just because you don’t like something about them?

Just because you think the way you do doesn’t mean another share your opinion. We should learn to love not to hate.

Make others smile not cry.

You should never make someone feel less about themself. Everyone’s different we don’t share the same opinion or feelings.

Don’t tell someone not to cry when you should be asking what’s wrong. Just because you’re not sad doesn’t mean they aren’t to.

Because of the world we live in everyone thinks we should keep are emotions to are self. Putting on a fake smile is painful, pretending to be someone you are not is painful.

Because of how painful it is lots of people comit suicide. They feel unloved, not cared for, useless. It’s truly sad.

They feel as though if they said anything people would brush it off or think there being dramatic.

So, they keep it in until it’s too late. Why when It’s to late people start to care, and feel guilty? Why is that?

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