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Days Of My Life

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Hey it's a teenager like you. I have been handling many problems since my childhood nd everytime life taught me many lessons. In this book I am going to share those experiences. I hope I'll get to learn more nd share with you guys..so that you guys don't make those mistakes which I did...soo Enjoy the book..

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Night of Reality

In the world of happiness you sleep on the bed of emptiness with a blanket of dark thoughts and problems. The motivation video can encourage you for sometimes but again the worse thoughts and feelings grab you. No one in the world can take off your blanket of emptiness. Smiles with full of 32 teeth out feels like went on a winter vacation and shifted their for the rest of the life. Feeling of invisibility has promised that they are never gonna leave you. Fake peoples are gonna create a beautiful fake scenario for you. Trust me the word forever is not there in your dictionary. It's been vanished many years ago when you are busy with fake people. At the end of the day,
It's always you you and your thoughts grabbing each other tightly

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