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I’m not sure if I will finish this but it is my first story so please don’t hate Augusta, or August has been abused for as long as she remembers. She became mute when she was 10 and was homeschooled until she was 13. She is now 15 and still an only child living with her horrible, so-called parents, well that’s what she thinks until she gets called into her principals office and told she has 8 brothers and an actual dad. Will Augusta accept her new family? Will they accept Augusta as their sister? Or will they just make everything worse? DISCLAIMER: I wrote this when I was in grade 6 so it’s not great but I will try fix it up

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Augusta Moretti (Thompson)- August, Aug, 15, youngest, mute, underground fights, underground races, known in the underground as the She-Devil, assassin (Satan).
Dark brown hair, one icy blue eye, one hazel eye, light freckles, tan.

Felix Moretti- 16, second youngest, underground races, doesn’t know about the Italian mafia.
Brown hair, hazel eyes, tan.

Alexander Moretti- Alex, Xander, 17, third youngest, knows about the Italian mafia, underground fights.
Dark brown hair, hazel eyes, tan.

Javier Moretti- Jay, 19, fourth youngest, twins with Jacob, soldier in the Italian mafia, underground races.
Brown hair, blue eyes, light freckles, tan.

Jacob Moretti- Jake, 19, fifth youngest, twins with Javier, soldier in the Italian mafia, underground races.
Brown hair, blue eyes, light freckles, tan.

Noah Moretti- 23, fourth oldest, Capo of the Italian mafia underground fights and races.
Dark brown hair, hazel eyes, light freckle, tan.

Leonardo Moretti- Leo, 25, third oldest, Capo of Italian mafia.
Brown hair, blue eyes, tan.

Elijah Moretti- Eli, Lijah, 27, second oldest, Capo of the Italian mafia.
Brown hair, hazel eyes, light freckles, tan.

Giovanni Moretti- Gio, 28, oldest, underboss of the Italian Mafia.
Dark brown hair, blue eyes, tan.

Alessandro Moretti- Sandro, 46, Dad of Moretti kids, Don of the Italian mafia.
Dark brown hair, blue eyes, tan.

Astrid Garcia- 15, Kobe’s sister, friends with Augusta.
Light brown/blonde hair, light green eyes, light freckles.

Kobe Garcia- 16, Astrid's brother, friends with Augusta.
Light brown/blonde hair, light green eyes, little bit tan.

Gabriella Blake- Gab, Gabby, 15, was friends with Augusta until they were 10.
Black hair, blue eyes, light dark skin.

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