The boy in her bed.

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“I don't know, like some crazy jealous girlfriend, we had a deal, Ama, and you said it was fine, you never had a problem with it, in fact you said we didn't have to make a big deal out of it. Now what's changed?"

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I just got to my room after hours of working and I'm tired, deeply exhausted. Since I'm eighteen, I'm supposed to be youthful and full of abundant energy, but I feel like an old lady half of the time, my mother says it's all the rays from my phone that are drowning my energy and making me lazy, she says I need to cut down my phone pressing habit and she might be right.

I stretch out, yawning,

My eyes land on a poster of Julia Roberts hanging all around my room. Pretty Woman is my absolute favorite movie.

My dream is to be an actress.

The downside to that, I would have to work really hard for my dream, there's no way in hell mother is going to work her ass off for me to be an actress, or anything that's not a doctor, I don't even have the guts to bring it up to her.

I grab my old phone and walk up to my window, intending to get better reception, plus it's my favorite time of day.

I love watching as the sun disappears across the horizon and makes way for the arrival of the beautiful moon, it's another lazy habit,

However, as I stared at my phone, it wasn't the sunset that surprised me to shocks.

I refreshed my feeds a couple of times to u unsee a post that literally made me want to throw my phone fifty feet away.

'Haves is back.'

No! No! No!

The lights from the neighbor's house came on suddenly, having me startling to my feet, that house hasn't been lit for almost a year, I have almost forgotten how lively it used to be, it's been a long time I saw someone out there.

It used to contain a family of two, Frank Wright, and his son, Haves, it's always been just the two of them. Haves parents got divorced, and just a year after that his mom disappeared, she's some astronaut, went up into space and never returned, can't say she's alive or dead.

Haves disappeared too.

You may be wondering: How do I know so much about Haves when it seems like we barely even talk to the neighbors?

Let's just say Haves and I grew up together, I've lived across each other for as long as I can remember, and we've attended the same schools,

So I can absolutely verify, he's the worse, you would get to know why along the line, but for now, I need to hide.

Just as I thought it, the curtains part and someone steps out of the smith's yard.

My heart skips to another dimension when he appeared in front of me,

"Hey, ugly."


His upper lip forms an arch like the top of a drawn heart.

His appearance is different, he grew hotter, but his eyes remain stunning ocean blue and somehow still manages to take my breath away.

His hair is still jet black, contrasting nicely with his white skin, and falls carelessly over his forehead.

He has a tattoo on his left arm, unlike the Haves I grew up with, and knew.

"Can I come over? I missed you."

"No, go away."

I snap out of it, and hurry back in. I might have lied to myself when I thought I had escaped Haves. But my life is about to take a whole new route, one I wasn't nearly prepared for.
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