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The Underdog

By Isabella Tredway All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Other


18 year old. Astra Marx dreams of becoming a professional wrestler in the professional Sinful Mayhem Wrestling or “SMW”. Astra’s father is in prison for a murder he claims he did not commit, at the time he was an amateur wrestler on the verge of breaking into Sinful Mayhem Wrestling. Astra is looking to prove the authorities wrong and give her father his freedom back. But Astra mission is in jeopardy as her mother does not approve of her daughter’s dream. Does Astra have what it takes to become a wrestler in Sinful Mayhem Wrestling without getting distracted by a male college who is interested in her romantically? Or will she fall short of her dream and and live in the shadow of her father?

Chapter 1

I had just graduated from Cherokee High School and I was excited because I was finally going to start my career as a professional wrestler in Sinful Mayhem Wrestling or “SMW” for short. I started wrestling when I was fifteen at: FUNKING CONSERVATORY WRESTLING SCHOOL run by: former NWA World Champion: Dory Funk Jr. (Unknown by my mother since she was always working and I had to be eighteen which I wasn’t at the time. But I got a free pass so to speak since most people knew my biological father Joel Saracen.) After I was born my father Joel was arrested for committing a murder and was given a life sentence because of it. But I don’t think he committed the crime seeing as he was an amateur wrestler who was on the verge of breaking out into SMW when the murder had taken place. My name is Astra Marx and I’m eighteen years old. I have long black hair that goes down to my waist, beautiful brown eyes, and I’m super skinny but athletic. Most people say that I resemble my father but I’ve never met him since my mother Mackenzie forbid me from even visiting him in jail. She gave me her Maiden name so that I wouldn’t have to get harassed by anyone using my father’s surname while I was growing up. My mother is a Dr. who works at Florida Hospital and had recently married Theo Falorsi. Theo was a millionaire because he worked for Sports Center as a commentator. I personally didn’t care for Theo because he was trying to replace my father in my life but my mother did so I did my best to like him. But I knew that Theo would never replace my real father. My mother wanted me to go off to college and become a Dr. just like she did but I wasn’t feeling that becoming a Dr. was in the cards for me. What I really wanted to do was become a professional wrestler like my real father wanted to do with his life. I guess that with him being behind bars and never getting to realize his dream of becoming a pro-wrestler, so I wanted to live out his dream for him. I had recently ordered the WWE Network and was watching how the wrestlers did their kickass moves in the ring when the doorbell rang bringing me out of my zone so to speak.

“I’ll get it!” I yelled as I pressed the pause button on the remote and ran to open the front door. I smiled when I saw my best friend Hailey Sassetti, she had also graduated with me and I used my right hand and motioned for her to come in.

“So how are you doing today Astra?” She asked me as we sat down on the couch. Hailey was beautiful; she had long platinum blond hair and gem green eyes. She had been my best friend since elementary school.

“I’m fine.” I replied as I un-paused the match I was watching between Paige and AJ Lee.

Hailey grunted in annoyance when she saw what I had been watching. “Again with the wrestling stuff Astra?” She groaned as she plopped down beside me on the couch. “Aren’t you tired of watching this fake soap opera yet?” Hailey hated wrestling, she was all about fashion.

I rolled my eyes at her. “I’m thinking of enrolling into wrestling school.” I said to her with a serious look on my face. Even Hailey hadn’t known that I was already enrolled into wrestling school but for my future career’s sake…I couldn’t tell a soul that I was already one of the best female wrestlers in the amature world.

“Does your mother know about you wanting to become a professional wrestler?” Hailey asked me arching her eyebrow. “Because I’m pretty sure she’s going to say no to that.”

I sighed and looked down at my feet. “Of course she doesn’t.” I said. “But I really want to become a professional wrestler Hailey.”

“Do you even know the first thing about becoming a professional wrestler Astra?” She asked me. “You have to work your ass off by keeping fit, eating right, not to mention getting beat up and risk breaking your neck or something.” She paused. “And using me as an opponent on the trampoline doesn’t count.” She added. True I was using Hailey as an opponent on the trampoline every afternoon for the past four years but I had pretended that I was a newbie at this right?

“Those are risks that I’m willing to take.” I said. “And I’m willing to learn so-”

“You’re willing to learn what Astra?” Theo asked overhearing our conversation. Hailey’s eyes got big as she looked at me wondering what I was going to say. I didn’t want to lie to Theo so I decided to tell him the truth, at least a part of it.

“I want to enroll into wrestling school.” I said and the room grew eerily quiet.

“Does your mother know about you wanting to become a professional wrestler Astra?” Theo asked me.

I sighed in annoyance. “No,” I said angrily leaping to my feet. “It’s my choice what I want to be in life and-”

“Okay, okay.” Theo said to me holding his hands up in self defense. “I’ll make some calls and see what I can do to help you out with this.”

I was about to protest when Theo’s words sunk in.

Okay, okay, I’ll make some calls and see what I can do…

“Wait?” I asked him. “You can get me into wrestling school?” I asked him slowly. “And…you won’t say anything to my mother about it? Like at all?”

Theo smiled a genuine smile at me. “I can guarantee you that I will get you into the best wrestling school in the city.” He said. “And I won’t tell your mother about this.”

“Why are you doing this for me?” I asked knowing that Theo had a scheme behind his random act of kindness.

“Because that’s what father’s do.” Theo said pulling out his cell phone. “They support their daughters and their crazy dreams of becoming a professional wrestler.” He found a number he was looking for, he dialed it and put the phone up to his ear. “Hey, there JC,” Theo said to the person on the other end of the line. “It’s Theo Falorsi, and I’m calling in that favor that you owe me…”

I started to pace the room wondering if Theo could actually pull this off for me. If he could get my foot in the door at SMW that would be great. “What did he say?” I asked Theo as he hung up his phone. I started to bite my lower lip nervously as I waited for the news.

Theo smiled at me as he hung up the phone. “Jared wants to meet with you in person Astra.” He said casually. “So we had better get going so-”

“Wait,” I said cutting Theo off mid-sentence. “He wants to meet with me…like right now, right now?”

“Yes right now.” Theo said looking at me strangely. “He has to see what he’s working with in order to get you into the best possible wrestling school Astra.”He paused. “But after you get better then you will have an audition at SMW.”

“Right,” I said feeling the nerves kick in again. Good thing I was already dressed in a black wife beater shirt and a pair of hot pink shorts with my white DC shoes. I quickly threw my hair up into a tight ponytail and put on some fresh deodorant so that I wouldn’t stink and I was ready to go. “We don’t want to keep Jared waiting now do we?” I said throwing Hailey a nervous glance.

“Is it okay if I tag along too Mr. Falorsi?” She asked with excitement in her voice. “I want to support my bestie and her crazy dreams.” She added.

“Of course it’s okay.” Theo said as we headed out the front door. “The more support Astra has the better she will feel about me being her step-father.”

“Thanks guys.” I said unenthusiastically. “I feel so much better now.” We climbed into Theo’s brand new black Ford 2015 F-150 truck and I took the passenger’s seat.

Theo smiled at me as he backed slowly out of the driveway. “You nervous champ?” He asked me casually.

“I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t nervous.” I said trying to calm my nerves down.

“You’ll be fine Astra.” Theo said to me as he started to drive down the street. “Jared and I have been good friends for many years and he’s due for a favor for as many as I’ve done for him.”

My mind was racing as I sat and tried to wrap my head around what was about to happen in my life. I mean, I grew up watching wrestling on TV after my mother told me that my biological father had, had a mild career as a wrestler before he was arrested. Hailey tapped me on the shoulder and brought me back to reality.

“Did you hear what I said?” She asked me and I shook my head no. She sighed and rolled her eyes at me from the back seat. “I asked you if you are excited about meeting this guy.”

“Heck yeah I am!” I said smiling at her from my seat. “I mean, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get my foot in the door of SMW! I am not going to blow it.”

“We’re here.” Theo said to us and I turned around and saw a man standing in the parking lot waving at us.

“Oh my gosh!” I said aloud as I recognized the man as we pulled up beside him. “That’s Jared Cotterill!” I looked back at Theo with a look of pure shock on my face. “You never told me that you were friends with Jared Cotterill?!”

Theo chuckled to himself as he turned the truck off. “You never asked.” He said bluntly as he got out of the truck. I gulped loudly and tried to gather my composure.

“Who’s Jared Cotterill?” Hailey asked me and I didn’t say anything as we got out of the truck to meet him.

Damn…I might be out of my league here.

“It’s nice to see you again Theo.” Jared said to my step-father shaking his hand.

“It’s a pleasure to see you after all these years too Jared.” Theo said smiling at Jared.

Jared’s eyes fell on me and he looked me up and down. “And who is this lovely young lady?” He asked Theo.

Theo put his hand on my shoulder and introduced me. “This is my daughter Astra Marx.” He said proudly.

Jared looked at me and I could see the surprise in his eyes. “You mean...she’s Joel Saracen’s daughter?” Jared said with surprise in his voice. Everyone was always surprised when they found out that I was Joel Saracen’s daughter.

“She’s my daughter since I married her mother two Months ago.” Theo said sternly. “And I was hoping that you would give her a shot at becoming a professional wrestler here at Sinful Mayhem Wrestling Jared.”

Jared was quiet as he studied me again. “How many years have you been wrestling?” He finally asked me.

“I have been wrestling for four years at: Funking Conservatory Wrestling School sir.” I said with confidence in my eyes. Theo and Hailey both gave me surprised looks but didn’t say anything about my wrestling skills.

“You’ve been wrestling professionally since you were fifteen and you never even bothered to tell me about it?!” Haley whispered in my ear. I glared at her and she instantly shut up. She didn’t have to be here, I could’ve made her go home. But I did need the support so I didn’t need to be mean to her either.

“Let’s go inside and talk about your future here at the Sinful Mayhem Wrestling’s Execution Center.” Jared said as he led us inside the building. As soon as I walked in I was immediately taken aback by how huge the inside actually was. There was not one practice ring but six. There was also another room filled with workout equipment and I saw everyone eyeing me as I walked passed them. We stopped and Jared continued to talk. “Here at the Sinful Mayhem Wrestling Execution Center we take our talent very seriously. I’m in charge of talent relations and see who has what it takes to become the next Chantress in Sinful Mayhem Wrestling.” He said looking at me. “And since your Joel Saracen’s daughter,” he said loud enough for his voice to echo in the massive room making everyone stop what they were doing and look at me. “I’m sure that Dory Funk Jr. trained you well enough to become the next Sinful Mayhem Wrestling Chantress!”

For a moment I stood there in shock that Jared Cotterill’s words were a slap in the face and it was really starting to pissed me off. “Dory Funk Jr. has trained me since I was fifteen years old and I’m pretty damn good enough to be the next Sinful Mayhem Wrestling Chantress Champion!” I said trying to keep my anger in check as I clenched my fists tightly by my sides. “And as for my father he was a great wrestler and he would have made it into the Sinful Mayhem Wrestling if that incident hadn’t happened!”

Jared smiled and shook his head at me. “But it did happen to him.” He said to me. “And maybe he would have been the next super star in the Sinful Mayhem Wrestling but he’s not is he?”

That was it. I had enough of Jared’s bad attitude. “My father is innocent!” I yelled trying to hold back the tears that desperately wanted to come out.

“Sure he is sweetheart.” Jared said looking at Theo then back to me. “But hey, maybe you can make it as a wrestler in TNA or in the WWE!” I couldn’t believe that Jared did not believe me. I was telling him the honest to God truth and he didn’t believe me?

“Let’s get out of here.” I said turning my back on Jared I walked angrily out of the building and never looked back. I was going to prove him and everybody else wrong about my father and myself...

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