Villanous Wedding

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Melanie Wood has to marry a villain, Xander Westland I’m order to save her kingdom

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Villanous Wedding

I walk along the darkened cavous hallway with the dim lights barely illuminating the hallway. One step in front of the other I inch closer to the ceremony. Today’s the day where I’m marrying the evil king himself. My long, silky wedding dress trailing behind me and my vail covering part of my vision in which it makes it harder to see.

I never wanted to marry him but it’s for my kingdom. My kingdom has been in trouble for the past few months. War has been set out and all of my guards have been set to war with him. His guards have been ravaging my kingdom, destroying crops, setting poison in the water, killing people and setting buildings on fire. My people have been dying because of him.

I made a deal with him that if I marry him then he will cease his actions and assist my kingdom. I kept my promise hoping he’ll keep his.

I was pulled aside in an extra room where he was waiting for me.

His lustful eyes raked my body as a sly smirk appeared in which everyone feared. The same smirk he wore when his men were ravenging my kingdom as my people were screaming and running for safety. It breaks me to pieces knowing that I’m marrying this same man that has inflicted pain and disaster to my kingdom. It’s sick to even think about it. “You look beautiful darling,” his deep voice echoed in the empty room, his smirk never leaving.

I scowl. “Oh don’t be like that. I get to marry the most beautiful woman ever.”

“I will never love you.”

“Too bad, a deal’s a deal.” He strokes my hair with one hand and the other is moving down my back to my ass. I shudder at his cold touch. The way his long bony fingers brush against my skin.

“After today, you’re mine . . . forever.”

I push away from him when he loops his arm around mine, tightening his hold. I don’t struggle as I know it’s useless. We walk down the hallway together until we stop at a door. “I’ll see you soon.” He walks through the doors closing them behind him. I heard loud chatter then it was muffled by the closed door. I wait patiently as my heart beats faster and my stomach churns. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead as the seconds passed by. The butler passed me the bouquet as the doors opened wide. All of the rich people from other kingdoms had gathered for this day. They stood looking fabulous.

Sadly, this isn’t a happy day for me.

The piano is playing, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. I slowly advance down the aisle with everyone’s gaze on me. I heard some “awws” and a few cries from some. I glanced around the guests and a few were dabbing their eyes with a handkerchief and smiling.

I had no smile whatsoever. I was being married off to a villain.

I slowly stepped onto the podium facing him. I’ve never seen the genuine smile that appeared on his face. His eyes shined of bright pure happiness. I finally realized his bright green eyes reflecting the rays of sunlight shining in from the windows. I look at the priest as he starts. “We are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of Xander Westland and Melenie Wood.” I zoned out through most of it until vows. All through the vows it was a blur to me.

“Do you, Xander Westalnd take Melanie Wood to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do,” he stated without hesitation.

“Do you, Melanie Wood, take Xander Westland to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Hesitantly I responded, “I do.”

“I now present you as husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” Xander went right in to kiss me. This was our first kiss to be exact and I hate to admit it but the kiss was nice. His soft smooth lips felt nice on mine as I melted into him. He had wrapped his arms around my waist and I fully embraced it. I didn’t care what he would say later, I enjoyed it.

During the reception, everyone had a blast dancing away on the dance floor. He was talking with a few court members about who knows what. I stayed at the table viewing everything as I picked at my dinner that I had not finished. The music blasts everywhere. I stood up heading outside from the ballroom. I needed fresh air as the ballroom smelled of sweaty people from dancing so much.

The wind blows around me giving me the safety I’ve longed to have. I sit on the steps as I look into the distance of the kingdom. “I’m sorry,” I mumbled to myself. I apologize for my kingdom having to suffer and how there wasn’t another way to save them.

Hot fresh tears leaked from my eyes as I sobbed into the night. No one there to hold me, to comfort me. I’m on my own to survive from the villain. He’s gonna torture me, make my life a living hell. But it’s worth it. For my kingdom.

I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me. I slowly glance back to see Xander frowning. “Why is my princess upset?” He took out his gun that’s strapped to his belt, swiping away the tears. “My princess shouldn’t be crying on our special day.”

“It’s nothing,” I say.

“C’mon darling, we must get back to the party. Our first dance is occurring soon.”

“I just need to go fix my makeup real quick.”

I get up and head to my room to fix the makeup. However, when I looked in the mirror, I was a mess. My mascara runs down my face and my hair is all over the place. I take my hair down from the half bun, brush it out, having little curls at the tips. I place my hair in a half ponytail and fix my makeup. I make it back to the ballroom just in time for the dance. I spot Xander in the middle of the dance floor. I make my way over until I’m arms reach. The music started and we swayed looking in each other’s eyes.

I was lost in his eyes. I glance down to his lips then his hair. His hair looks so smooth I wanna run my hands through it. I snapped out of my trance realizing what I was doing. I was starting to fall for the villain. Two years and I’m finally starting to fall for him.

My features soften when I lean my head against his shoulder, closing my eyes. Drowning out the music only felt that we were alone.

Butterflies swarmed my stomach at his touch.

Guests started leaving the party as it was three in the morning. Once all of the guests were gone, Xander and I headed to our room. We undress and climb into bed. I lay on my left side facing the window. Feeling the dip in bed, Xander turned off the lamp and we fell asleep almost immediately.

I woke up not long after. I thought I’d be tired and sleep in but I was wrong. I sit up finding Xander on the balcony, smoking. From the time I’ve known him for two years, I’ve gathered that when he smokes, something is bothering him or something’s wrong. Like seriously wrong.

Getting up I walk to him. The cool wind brushed against my skin. I shivered but still didn’t back down. Crossing my arms along the railing I stare out. “You should be inside, it’s cold,” he stated.

“You should too.”

“Yeah well I’m used to the cold. You on the other hand are going to catch a cold if you don’t get back inside.”

“I refuse to head back. Something’s up, though.”

“Nothing is wrong. Get back inside Melanie.”

“Why should I listen to you?”

He pulls out his knife holding it up to my throat, however I do not flinch or acknowledge the fact that he could end my life within seconds.

“I said, get back inside now.”

“I said I’m not. Kill me if you want but I’m not scared anymore. I’m not afraid of you anymore. Fuck if you’re the villain. I only married you to save my kingdom not to fall in love with you. I don’t love you and I never have, never will.”

Hurt flashed through his eyes but was back to stone cold in a split second. “Get the fuck back inside before you regret it,” he lowly growled. He took his knife and cut open my upper arm. Hissing in pain I cover it immediately. Heading back inside I dealt with it.

I splash water onto it and it stings. I cry out in pain as I grab a towel, wetting it and dabbing my wound. Taking a good look at it, it doesn’t need any stitches as it’s not deep enough. Sitting on the floor I see his silhouette passing by the bathroom. I kept quiet and my head bent down not wanting to draw his attention. Who knows what he could do next.

I closed my eyes while still holding my wound when I felt his presence nearby. I ignored him but he didn’t want to ignore me. I could hear his heavy footsteps coming closer to me until they stopped in front of me. He bent down to my height when I finally opened my eyes to him right in front of me.

“I warned you.”

I stayed silent, glaring at him. He scoffs getting up. Before I know it, he’s down aiding to my wound. I watched his bony fingers work elegantly until he’s finished. He picks me up carrying me back to bed. Quickly turning the lights off, he crawls back into bed. I stayed to my side not wanting to deal with him.

It took awhile for me to sleep again and I didn’t wake up until the morning

Months have passed and Xander kept his word. He started giving my citizens fresh water, ordering his men to rebuild homes. He stopped killing people and gave them fresh crops until they were back on their feet.

It was nice to see my kingdom having life again. I visited my kingdom and helped bring it back to life. I don’t regret marrying Xander to save my kingdom.

Let’s hope that the future brings us a better life for each other.

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