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When Penelope 'Penny' Gallagher's mom, Adelaide, starts happily dating Dynsyx and agrees to move halfway across the country to live in his hometown, She soon learns this town is not quite that normal.

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Ayanna Day
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Chapter 1

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My first Published Original Story :) Although, I still plan on putting ’Serial ’on her.


My world has always been relatively small. Just my mom and I. Dad had left before I was born according to mom, but that didn’t mean she loved me any less. In fact, it seemed she loved me twice as much to make up for it. So in exchange, I wanted her to be happy as well. That’s why when she met Dynsyx, I was more than willing to help make this work.

Dynsyx was the opposite of mom’s exotic beauty. With his bright green eyes and sandy blonde hair, it was a great contrast to her mid-back raven hair and chocolate eyes. I had taken after mom mostly, but I was tanner and had lighter hair from my dad’s side. She was very pretty and attracted a lot of attention, but she never paid any mind to other men until now.

Dynsyx and mom met after I nearly ran him over with a too full grocery cart I was pushing. I had profusely apologized and my mother ran up to rip him a new one since she hadn’t known the entire situation. Dynsyx took it well considering how scary my mom could be when she needed to be. I quickly defused the situation and she, in turn, started blushing and profusely apologize as well. After that, he wheeled the cart around and even helped load the car. I gave him mom’s number and they talked for a while before he asked her on a date. The first date included me as well. Dynsyx wanted to involve me just as much and mom loved that. They started seeing each other more. Dynsyx took mom and me on dinner dates often. I also encouraged her to go alone. Now, nearly two years later, we were moving in with him.

“Are you ready, Penny?” Mom shouts from the bottom of the stairs. I looked around my old room once more before slinging my bookbag over my shoulder and grabbing my last box.

“Coming mom!” I shouted back and took off to her.


We were moving from our sunny place in Virginia Beach, Virginia, to a heavily forested area called, Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. I would miss my friends, but mom was so excited that I couldn’t help but be excited too. I was told to expect cold winters with snow and sometimes temperatures that went negative. Mild summers, with no humidity, but there was a lake and Dynsyx owned a horse farm. He would teach me how to ride.

Dynsyx wanted to fly us straight there, on first class mind you, but mom wanted to sight see, so we drove. It would take us six days to make the trip. We’d take I-64 to I-20 from Virginia to West Virginia. Then we’d take I-470 from West Virginia to Ohio. Somewhere in Iowa, we’d switch to I-380 to I-35 until we got to Minnesota and in Minnesota, we’d take I-90 the rest of the way. We’d stop five times, in West Virginia, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota. Dynsyx loved the trip, although mom and I usually stayed in rundown motels, he took us to stay in five-star hotels along the way. He also bought us souvenirs from each state we visited.

“Do you and your mom go on a lot of road trips?” He asked me on day four. Mom was chasing birds around to get a picture.

“Yeah, she’s a bit out there, but she means well. She’s the living embodiment of ‘Stop and smell the roses’,” I chuckle. Mom tripped and I went running to help her, but Dynsyx beat me there and helped her up. I felt a pang in my chest. My mom didn’t need my help since Dynsyx was here... I quickly pushed that thought out of my head and plaster a smile on my face, making sure she was ok.

“I’m fine, Penny!” She assures me for the tenth time. “I just wish I could’ve gotten a picture of that bird.” I sigh and stick my hand out. She hands me the camera and I go over to the closest tree and climb up it. I had to wait perfectly still for five minutes, but one eventually perched itself on my knee and I quickly snapped a picture. I offered it some bread and after it flew off I climbed back down and handed the camera back over to mom.

“One yellow warbler picture,” I chuckle. “We’re doing good on that bird book.”

“Oh! Penny!” She cries and crushed me in a hug. I laugh and pat her arm.

“Dynsyx, have you seen mom’s bird picture book yet?” I question looking to him. He shakes his head and I dramatically gasp at mom. “How could you not have shown him yet?”

“Well,” she blushes, “It’s one of the nerdier things I do.” I go to scold her, but Dynsyx beats me to it.

“It’s something you clearly hold dear. I don’t think it’s nerdy at all, in fact, I collect stamps.” He blushes too, but I see him earnestly trying to make mom feel better.

“I like stamps. What’s the oldest one you have?” I question.

“I have a two pence blue stamp from Britain.” I elbow mom and she puts into the conversation. This lasted for the next three states. All of us commenting on weird collections that we had heard of.


“Penny... Penny...” I woke up to the sound of my name being called. I must have slept hard because everything was stuck in cotton candy and it took me a moment to notice mom. She was turned in the passenger seat looking at me. “We’re about ten minutes out now, sweetie.” I yawned and rubbed my eyes.

“How long was I asleep?” I ask groggily.

“Only about three hours. We stopped and picked up warm pizza,” Dynsyx answered from the front seat and mom lifted the two boxes for me to see. I nodded and sat straight up. It was too dark outside now to really catch any landmarks, but you could clearly make out the trees of the surrounding forest.

“How far from town are we?” I ask looking around.

“We’re about a fifteen-minute drive from town,” Dynsyx informs me. “You can also take your bike or even, eventually, a horse once you learn.”

“That’ll be great! I still can’t believe you have a horse farm here!”

“Yes, well, for now, I’ll take you into town whenever you want.”

“Ok,” I nodded and looked back out the window to enjoy the view of the woods.

“There it is, Penny,” My mom pointed towards the silhouette of a house. It looked big from here and old. Something like you’d see in a movie with creepy grandparents who lived in the woods. It was too dark outside to get a good look initially, but when the car’s headlights flooded onto the house, I saw it was freshly done up.

It didn’t surprise me that he owned a mansion, however, the building itself was magnificent. The front made of some type of white stone with four columns that gleamed in the light making me instantly think of marble. The front door... well doors were large and made of a dark wood. The rest of the front seemed to be made of glass. Open windows on either side of each door. There were three stories, I think, all the glass made it hard to tell. They weren’t divided into windows, there were three long and wide panes of glass on either side of the door that stretched from nearly top to bottom.

“The movers already unpacked all of your belongings. So, we can all eat and go to bed,” Dynsyx says before getting out of the car and opening mom’s and my doors. One of the things about Dynsyx was that he was very big on manners and etiquette. Not say that he was posh, but he ‘liked taking care of his girls,’ as he puts it. Always opening doors, paying for things, escorting us where we wanted. Things I was never used to.

I patiently waited for him to open the door because, while he didn’t seem to get annoyed or crossed for me being independent, it seemed like he was... I don’t know... upset? It always seemed to make him downhearted. I wasn’t good at reading his emotions, but I knew him doing these small things were more for mom. We didn’t have a guy in our lives before, it had been us and this led us to be independent by nature. However, mom seemed to enjoy the gestures and I liked Dynsyx enough to not want to purposefully make him unhappy.

Dynsyx grabbed all three bags and led us to the front door.

“Which room is mine?” I ask as we walked up to the front door. It was promptly opened by an older man in a suit. He reminded me a lot of Alfred, the butler of Bruce Wayne, from Batman comics.

“Maurice here,” He gestures to the butler and I note a small pang of disappointment that his name was not Alfred. “Will be happy to show you as soon as we finish eating.” Dynsyx holds up the pizza boxes. Maurice quickly shut the door and quickly took the bags from Dynsyx.

“Ok,” I say taking note of the foyer we were in. It screamed money to me. It had a hanging chandelier right in the middle and a giant grand staircase with a hallway stretched on either side and behind it. There were several closed doors that led to other rooms, but my stomach demanded food and I decided to save exploring for when I was well rested and well fed.


“Coming!” I turned to follow them. The hallway we walked through again had many closed doors but we came to the sixth door on the left and Dynsyx reached to open it. The dining room was just as extravagant as the rest of the house I’d seen so far. It had a long cherrywood table in the center. The table had twelve chairs; five on each side and one at each head. There was another chandelier over the table and around were different, smaller tables; each with a candelabra.

“Do you host parties?” I asked staring at the table.

“Sometimes. It’s a tight-knit community around here, so it’s not uncommon to have dinner parties from time to time.” I nodded. “We, however, are going to eat at the bar in the kitchen, so we can be in a close proximity.” That cheered me up. There was a door in the far left corner of the room and we walked through there. After walking around the house for five more minutes, we found the kitchen.

“Wow.” A fully stocked kitchen that held a brick oven in it. It was all state of the art equipment, but it looked as though the only ones who used it were servants. “Do you have cooks?” He nods.

“I do, but I do cook for myself from time to time. Having people work here helps the economy of this town.” That made sense. Not everyone could be as rich as this guy. He led us to the right side of the kitchen where there was a slab of marble attached to the wall. He pulled out a chair for mom and then for me before sitting to my left, so I was in the middle.

“We have a barbecue, chicken, bacon pizza!” Mom tells me as she hands me a stack of plates to hand to Dynsyx that were to her right.

“Adelaide mentioned it was your favorite,” Dynsyx smiles and places a plate in front of me.

“It is!” He chuckles and hands mom a plate before serving himself.

“Well, dig in then!” He nudges me with his elbow and I take a bite of my pizza.

“What do you thing Dyn?” I ask turning to him to gauge his reaction.

“It’s delicious.” I smile at that.

“Do you eat a lot of things outside your comfort zone?” He pauses for a moment but shakes his head.

“I have in the past two years. You and your mother have taken me out of my comfort zone a lot and I love it.” He turns to mom and has the look of adoration on his face that made me agree to do what he wanted and move back here to his hometown with mom. He loved her and she loved him and that had been enough for me to follow him. Mom was my world, so if she was happy, I was happy.

“Good! Mom and I like trying new things.” I chuckle and finish my slice of pizza.

We finished off the pizza and stayed to talk a bit more, but I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open. Dynsyx noticed first.

“Let’s get you to your room so you can sleep, Penny.” I nod and stood to follow him.

“Is Maurice going to show me?” He shakes his head.

“We’ll show you.”

We went back out into the foyer and I was way too tired to remember the way to my room. I just hoped I’d be able to find someone to help me find my way tomorrow. My room was up on the third floor. Dynsyx opened the door to reveal a large four-poster bed in the middle of the right wall. It came with a matching dresser and armoire. On the far wall was a large window with a nook, overlooking the forest, some of the village below, and some of the lake. On the left wall was another door which led to the bathroom. I had my own bathroom.

“Good Night,” I turned and hugged mom and Dynsyx.

“Good night, sweetie,” mom says with a hug and a kiss on the head.

“Good night, Penny,” Dynsyx said squeezing me tightly and I laughed at that.

After they left, I quickly made my way over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of pajama shorts and a tank top to match. I changed in the bathroom and found a wicker basket in there for my dirty clothes. After brushing my teeth and plaiting my hair, I go and run to the bed. I stared at it a moment before snatching a fleece blanket off of it and rushing to the window nook. After cocooning myself in the blanket, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit a pillow.

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