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Dream .

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Its just my life .So short indeed .

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Chapter 1

Start writing here…I relate my life with a dream ,too good to be true .To real for the world ,once it comes to reality it shocks people .They will be soliloquizing to themselves ,How is this possible ?.The big question is, who would ever thought it would be true .Sadly ,its our human nature to speak before thinking ,acting before analyzing the situation .

I dreamt that my whole life was a fairy tale ,only that it wasn't those like of Disney's work of art . It was a fairy tale built on a foundation of people ,actions,words and feeling . A fairy tale I thought was good but actually it was full of vengeance ,jealousy and lies . The only way out was to read became someone to save my family and people from what felt like a nightmare . Even though it wasn't like Disney's piece of work ,it has similarities after all they are all tales . I was blessed , my first determination didn't go as expected , people laughed,schools needed an referee to put me in . SAD ! . Anyways people do things for a reason which I later understood .I furthered my journey got success ,now am waiting for the last one .Then life hits me like a thunderbolt will I be ready to face it ?the ugly truth ? .
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