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this is a tiny story, it is the spooky story my big sister told me as a child, it might be just an urban legend, but i got it stuck in my head today. very short story, the horror story my big sister told me when we were kids.

Katy Rayne
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The Dolly

A few years ago, in this very village. There lived a little girl called Charlotte. Charlotte even went to our school. she was only a few years above me. Well Charlotte got brought this China doll for her 10th birthday, but no one knew who she came from. You know the kind of dolls I mean. The China one with white and creepy faces. Well Charlotte didn’t like her, in fact she rather frightened her. So, her dad put her up in the loft, saying she might like her when she’s older. More likely he just couldn’t be bothered to drive to the charity shop just yet. Well on that first night Charlotte heard a little girls voice as she was in bed.

“I’m on the first step I’m on the second step I’m coming to get you.”

She tried to forget about it but told her friend at school during lunch break. She told her mum and dad and they laughed it off saying she just had to big an imagination. The second night she heard the same little girl’s voice.

“I’m on the third step I’m on fourth step I’m on the fifth step I’m coming to get you.”

She again mentioned it at school to her friend and her parents again told her there was no kids on the steps and sure enough no one was on the steps. The third night she heard.

“I’m on the sixth step I’m on the seventh step I’m on the eighth step I’m coming to get you.”

This happened for the few nights and charlotte was getting more and more worried. She slept at her grandparents over the weekend and nothing. The next night when she got home, she heard the little girl’s voice.

“I’m in the hallway I’m coming to get you.”

She mentioned it at school on Monday to her friends. By now everyone just through Charlotte was making things up. Monday night she heard.

“I’m in your bedroom, tomorrow I’m going to get you.”

That next night her parents heard a little child voice say.

“I was in your bedroom and now I got you.”

They apparently ran to charlottes bedroom and that’s where they found her with all her hair cut off and murdered. So that’s why you should never trust your dolls and we need to take your China doll straight to the charity shop today.

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