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Wildflower Farm's Book of Writing Prompts and Exercises

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This is a book of writing prompts and ideas. I wanted to submit it because these are subjects I would love to read other people's takes on as well as write about them myself. When I was young we had What If Books. They were writing prompts, but they were kinda empty and highly generic. What if we had writing prompts that were more cutting edge, and adult? More controversial? What might then come out of something as simple as an exercise? Feel free to use these writing prompts as you see fit. They are my gift to the Inkitt community. As I said, I would love to read different takes on these ideas and would love to write surrounding them myself. So, I give them to all of you. What if you gave me something back that wasn't werewolves? I am sick of werewolves. Writing, has the power to literally change the world. I give you this, so you can start changing it. Have fun.

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Chapter 1

This book, is a creation I have been thinking about for a while. I have trouble thinking of what to write about sometimes. Sometimes to help me get myself going, I use writing prompts or exercises. In highschool a teacher introduced me to What If books. So I thought, I might try to write a version of my own. Something a bit less cookie cutter for more adult writers.
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