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Prologue I am seated sipping on some chilled water as Kendra plays with the other boys, I didn’t want to come for the birthday lunch but with the events of the past days I figured it is time to go out and get some air. Kalonde’s son has turned five and instead of holding a party just for him he decided to include the adults as well. Kalonde, Ephraim and I were in UNI together. We have seen quite some dark days together and have created a bond like no other. He met Buumba whilst we were in school, she came from a well to do family and we teased him about how he would never be able to woe her but along the way he managed and I should say their love story is both complicated and beautiful. Both lawyers, he works for a small law firm in town whilst she is managing her father’s law firm and I mean the biggest and most feared law firm in the province. Ephraim is a medical doctor, he met his wife Tamia an accountant after we completed UNI and they hit it off almost immediately. Conceived on their first date and had a child nine months later, they hated each other during those nine months but we were shocked when they announced a second pregnancy months later. His parents couldn’t have it so they tied the knot and haven’t had any more children since, they hated each other with a passion but of late they are actually getting along pretty okay. Whilst I on the other hand

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Chapter 1

We get home a little after 9PM, I just want to rest because we have church in the morning and even though I don’t want to attend – we the men are the ones serving so I need to show up.

I change into my pajamas and get into bed but shocked to see Mwansa changing into a different outfit.

‘Where are you going?’

‘Meeting up with the ladies at Chicagos.’ She says fixing a lash

I look at the time just to be sure of what she is telling.

‘So we drove all the way home only for you to come and tell me that you are steeping out at this time of the night?’ I ask trying to keep my voice down, Kendra is sleeping and I don’t want him waking up.

‘You go out with your boys and stay out late and I never say anything, do I?’

‘I didn’t know we were in some sort of competition.’

She doesn’t respond, she wears her lipstick and carries her clutch.

‘Don’t wait up for me, I don’t know what time I will be home.’ She says before leaving the bedroom

I am still in shock even as I hear the car drive out, this is so unlike Mwansa. I know things haven’t been rosy between us for a couple of years but I didn’t expect them to be this bad.

I go to Kendra’s room and join him in bed, I don’t think I will be able to get some sleep in our bed like this.

I look at him and smile, there is so much I wanted to do with my life before the responsibility of being a dad kicked in. being an only child raised by a single mum I wanted to give my mum everything I could but then Kendra came along and I had to shift priorities, she couldn’t live long enough to see him as she gave up to cancer when Mwansa was six months pregnant.

Kissing his forehead, I close my eyes and allow my tired body to give up to sleep, I only wake up a little after 3 in the morning when I hear footsteps in the house.

‘I hope I didn’t wake you up.’ A drunk Mwansa says, she can’t even stand up straight

I sigh heavily, help her to the bedroom and remove her clothes before putting her to bed. I go outside and lock her car and the door, then pick up her shoes, hand bag and wig then put them where they belong. I can’t go back to sleep so I get my laptop and start working, at five I start cleaning the house, do dishes and run Kendra’s bath before waking him up. The help doesn’t come on Sundays so one of us had to do the work and with the way Mwansa came in, I doubt she will be able to do anything.

‘Good morning daddy.’ Kendra greets

‘Good morning.’ I say kissing his forehead, he looks like he can use some sleep but we don’t have any more time otherwise we will be late for church.

‘Where is mummy?’

‘Mummy is not feeling too well baby.’

‘Can I stay and look after her?’

I shake my head, the last two Sundays he has developed this habit of coming up with an excuse for not wanting to go to church. He is only five and I want to believe it’s just him being a child but it’s getting to me.

‘Buddy I want us to have a chat, man to man.’ I say looking at him

He looks adorable in the tub sitting there in the water with sleepy eyes.

‘Talk to me daddy.’

‘Why don’t you like going to church any more?’

He looks away.

‘Kendra keep your eyes on me.’

‘Do we really need to have this conversation?’

I open my mouth in shock then close it.

‘Buddy you can’t be giving excuses about going to church and expect me to take it lightly.’

‘It’s not like I don’t like going to church.’


‘It’s Sunday school.’


‘Teacher Mpande is always talking about how mum is a pastor’s child and yet will be going to hell, she says we are pretenders and don’t deserve the respect we are given at church.’

I am dumbstruck

‘Maybe she thought I can’t understand or hear her.’ He says shrugging his shoulders

I feel terrible, Kendra is a child to be hearing such things and that Teacher Mphande will have a tongue lash from me because her behavior was an acceptable. I want to respond but then my phone rings, it’s a number I can’t recognize.

‘Good morning, am I through to Mr. Kapanga?’

‘Good morning, yes you are.’

‘My name is Lena, I am a cashier working for Kabs Mall Pub N Night Club.’


‘A lady left a bill this morning and her phone as surety to settle it, I need to balance the books or I will lose my job if I have a shortage.’

‘What lady?’

‘I don’t know but your number was the last dialed, the gentleman she was with left just before she left.’

I want to leave Kendra so that I can ask the lady more questions but then am afraid he might drown.

‘Sir I don’t know how you are related to this lady but I would appreciate if you help me.’

‘Send me the location I will be coming through.’

‘Alright.’ She says dropping the line

A few minutes later a notification comes through on whatsapp, I check it out. It’s a place near mother Theresa in Kabulonga, I am not sure I even know where exactly it is but I guess I have to find out.

‘Change of plans buddy, you and I are going somewhere else.’ I say removing him out of the water

‘Where are we going daddy? Who will take care of mummy?’

‘How about we buy her some medicine?’ I say placing kisses on his face and he laughs


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