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Silent love

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Zashiki meets a strange man that has no place of friends in his life. He's a sober, handsome young man in his early 20s. Zashiki is 19 years old, is a young writer and keeps a soft yet a strong heart. She brings alot of changes in his life. Stay tuned to discover their unique bond. 💖💕

Other / Romance
Anaa Malik
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Zashiki meets Alex.

"oh my goodness..! Not again..!!!!"
Zashiki woke up suddenly. She was late again. She'd been working alot for her upcoming project, that could change her life forever. She was writing a brand new novel, and wanted to try her luck if the novel gets printed by the national press club.

She worked day till night. She was late for her class, for the tenth time in a row.
She quickly changed her clothes and got ready, she drove to college, ran to her class and sat on the only empty chair. She had already missed half of the lecture. After wiping her sweat from forhead, she took notes from the board. "late again.? " a voice caught her attention.
"yes.. Ma'am.. Im sorry... I'll try my best not to be late again.. " she spoke before the teacher even said a word.
"No, no, its perfectly okay, you're doing a really great job, keep it up, the head of department read your script and its amazing the college shall help you now and fund you for your work "
Her mouth was sealed, she couldnt beleive her ears, finally after her third attempt, her work was appreciated.
Whole class congratulated her. The day passed smoothly. She went to parking and got on her car she put reverse gear . Suddenly her eyes stopped on a man passing behind her car lost in his own world of thoughts. "oh man, get aside " she mumbled and waited for him to pass.
He went away. She decided to go to a cafe'for a new experience for her story. She noticed that man again.
He was a tall, broad shouldered man with thoroughly impressive biceps. His eyes capped with his long eyelashes. He wore a black shirt with blue jeans, holding a file. He tripped and fell down and hurt his elbow. "ouch... "...
She stopped her car and helped him get up. Then left without saying anything and went to the cafe' she ordered her favourite chocolate pastry with tea, and started writing in her notepad. Somebody approached her and patted her shoulder.
"hy... Mind if i join u..? " he said.
She looked up nervously, "yeah why not.. ".
"thank u so much... I mean.. U helped me get up.. " .
"its not a big deal, " she replied as he sat in front of her.
He smiled weakly , she felt sorry for him. Why he looked so broken.. So lonely...
'so.. What are u doin.!? " he asked trying to start a proper conversation with her. "nothin, just a story, what about u?."
"oh, sorry i forgot to introduce myself. Im Alex, I'm a second year mbbs student,. "
"oh, nice, " she smiled.
"mind if i ask u something..? " she spoke after a few moments.
"yeah be comfortable. Its perfectly fine." he replied casually.
"um.. You were very tensed.. I.. I mean you were lost in your thoughts..almost got hit by my car.. Then tripped...."
He looked at her and replied roughly"so what., none of your Buisnessss " .
"nah, I just asked as a matter of factly, sorry, " she picked her things up and went to another table. She couldnt stop thinking about his weird behaviour. One moment he was all sugary and the other, he went all cofffee beany bitter.

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