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Journey to North

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The mountains taking bath in white foam with that of vanilla-flavored bathing cubes...

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Snitch Seeker
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Here comes the sound of closing the door of the car, and there we go to observe the Northern beauty of Pakistan; by giving ten to twelve hours of our lives to this long journey. The first sign of Nature's beauty to be observed comes to be railway lines laying on the barren plains of Punjab, by the side of the road; the voices of communication between trains and cars is the most beautiful part of any journey. Through the car window, I observed many eyes of train winking at my parents, brother and sister. The green color of Green Dragon seems to enjoy the summer sunshine, with those stones who are soulmates of there flying period.
The tall trees with many hands and thousands of fingers grown along them are the faithful travelers, which move alongside the road till our journey ends. Everything used to form the shadow on our faces. My youngest sister absorbed in the mobile phone, other one in songs, and brother making funny expressions at every car we win from. Mama and Papa busy in everyday business talks, and each of us laughing at each other's statements, absently.
The second part of the journey is the semi-mountainous area of Islamabad, where we watch the brown rocks knelt down at the feet of the road. These small hills seem to like the zig zag pattern and giving us the same excited road to drive on. When these hills end on there on, the clouds after seeing our sad faces, make the pattern of far away green mountains with sunset between them. The orange color spreads all over us, and the sun slowly sets after giving a kiss to two mountains either side of it. The purplish shade of sky fades away, and black one replaces it, with many small torches hanging on the dark velvety curtain.
The dark hasn't marked the sleepy moods of us, instead we enjoy the chilly, light wind rushing on our faces through the opened car window, with slight music. The sounds wind fighting with the car was the most we enjoyed with the during this part of our travel. All stars making the signs of Nature's Power, forming like a group of mobile phones' flashlights lit in a crowd of cheerers. Then, the sun, being lonely with the moon gone, replaces the night's darkness with it's sparkling yellow color, spreading all over. With this, we see the first morning of our long travel, and came to know about the end of it.
The white snow started to appear at grassy sideways of the hilly road. Mountains are taking bath in the white foam with that of vanilla-flavored bathing cubes. The height of the car frightened all of us, but I relaxed when I realize the calmness of mountains, even after being existed at too much height, even tall from us. I have never seen this color of the sky: so naturally blue, and the clouds welcoming us to live with them in these splendid colors. We reached our destiny, and these all beautiful sceneries made my journey more lovely than ever.
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