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A Familure Dark Moment

By Clinton Thomas Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Drama


A moment of impulse leads a father to do the unthinkable, to commit a crime so heinous that he is shocked by it, is young child, shows no remorse for the deeds she helped me with, but that is not where the story ends.

Chapter 1

The rain started to fall harder, what started out as a shower has turned into a torrential down pour, the trees offering no cover, and the ground turning into a mud puddle. Smith’s ankles sank deep into what was once solid ground; he leaned on the shovel, the smell of fresh soil, rain and the forest mixing in the air around him. He took a deep breath, and leaned on his shovel.

So far he had dug about 4 feet down, and 5 long by 3 wide, the blue tarp he was using to hold the dirt had turned brown; and he thought another two feet and I can stop. He looked at this feet and pulled his shoes out of the muddy water, well there goes my new work shoes; he thought to himself, a small smile crossed his face as he laughed at the thought.

He took a quick glance at the other tarp on the edge of the hole, hidden in its cold coil was a quickly cooling body; Smith thought about how he wound up here, digging a hole…

The day started out like any other, he got up had breakfast with his wife and kids, and went to work. His job was simple but routine, he was a claims adjuster for a local insurance service. He walked into his office only to find out that his stuff had been packed up and moved into the lobby.

“Stacey, why are my things in the lobby?” He asked of the secretary.

“You have to ask Mr. Walters.” She replied, not looking up from her computer screen.

Smith walked down the hall, and knocked on Mr. Walters door;

“Come in and have a seat Drake” said Mr. Walters.

A few moments of silence passed, and Smith waited for Mr. Walters to finish typing.

“You saw your belongings in the reception area, I hated to do it Drake, but we are not as busy as we used to be, and you handle the least amount of claims in the office. You were the most logical choice to let go. Now understand, you are no fired, it is a simple lay off. Once we get busy again I will call you.”

Smith, wasn’t sure how to react, he felt anger and frustration at being let go after 12 years of his life, he started fiddling with the knife in his pocket, pulling on the release...

“Here is your layoff notice plus three weeks pay and an added bonus of $2500 as a thank you from me.” Mr. Walters said while leaning across his desk.

Smith grabbed the envelope and muttered “Thanks” and walked out.

Relived that he has enough cash to see him for a couple months while he finds a new job, and this will give him some time to work around the house and see his children…

He finished shoveling the last few piles dirt out of the hole and proceeded to climb out using the rope he attached to a tree to make his ascent easier in the rain. Once he crested the top and was standing above his freshly made grave, he let out a sigh of relief. Long nights work in the rain, and thankfully the rain had kept the scent of the body down, he feared bear or cougar get the scent and it would be game over for him. At least he had the present of mine to soak the tarp in ammonia before leaving for this spot.

He walked over to the body, and pulled it by the rope near where the feet of his victim were and dragged into the hole. He then began the arduous job of filling in the hole, one shovel full at a time….

The drive home from his former place of employment was enjoyable, beautiful fall day, his favourite music playing and not a care or stress in the world. He was happy that he could spend time with his family and not be consumed by his work and deadlines.

He pulled into his driveway, and saw that his wife was home but there was a strange blue car parked in his spot. No matter, he thought, as he proceeded to park on the road.

He unlocked the door, and carried on his normal routine, washed his hands, had a glass of water and placed his keys on the rack. Smith was a tad OCD in some things, and that was fine by him. A little order in chaos was what he liked.

He walked down to the bedroom to get changed from his work clothes, as he opened the bedroom door he saw his wife in bed with another couple.

“Ethel… How could you?” Smith stammered, in shock by what lay before;

“Drake… Why you home? She uttered

Drake was all ready out of the room, going to his gun cabinet, losing his job was one thing, but his wife having an affair… with a couple, that was far enough.

As he unlocked the lock and reached for the clip for his Kimber 1911A he realised that would not solve anything. He placed the gun and clip back in the safe and walked back to the bedroom.

Calmly, and collected he said “I want a divorce.”

And with that, he left…

The final shovel of dirt made a soft thud as it fell on the pile, the rain had helped the dirt settle, and made unrolling the moss blanket fairly straight forward, he used his edger to cut out a 6 foot by 4 foot swath of moss from where he would be digging. Once he had it pounded down, no one would even know the body was there, little on the dirt disturbed.

He looked at the murder weapon, and chuckled, such a simple thing could do so much damage, he placed it back in his backpack along with the water bottle he had been drinking from. Collected the remaining tools and walked back out the car.

The car was unremarkable in every way, a normal 4 door white sedan with no memorable characteristics. He “Borrowed it” off of a high school student for $1000 cash, and when he paid the remaining $500 he would reclaim his normal car and be on his way. Best thing about teenagers is that they don’t seem to notice details, but that didn’t stop Smith from getting a temporary tattoo on his neck, and hand, plus a fake beard. At the very least, even if they remembered the scorpion and heart tattoo, they are not really there. ..

Smith sped away from his home, not sure where to go; he looked at the time and it was 11:45 and his daughter got our for lunch at noon from school. He decided to go get her and treat her to a lunch out with dad.

He texted his daughter and she quickly replied, she was 13, and always eager to see her dad. She hopped in the car and they went for lunch, nothing eventful occurred just a quiet relaxing dad daughter time…

He loaded the gear into the trunk and proceeded to drive to his family’s property on the out skirts of town. His sister wouldn’t be using it till Christmas and he had all ready said he would be living there until he got his life in order. Wasn’t much to look at, just an old double wide trailer on a acre of property and a tool shed. Everything there was in his sisters name, made it simple for taxes.

He placed the tools back, and went inside to shower and eat before returning the car…

His first night out in the world, Smith decided to sleep in his car down by the city park, it was quiet and the only traffic that came by were teenagers and pot smoking adults. He reclined his seat, and went to sleep…

He drove up to the high school at 2:45 and parked down the road by the football field, behind his car. No cameras down this way, and no one took much notice of cars coming and going at this time of day. The teenager hopped out of Smith’s car, and walked over.

“Keys?” Smith, said

The teenager holding them out replied “Cash?”

Smith grabbed the keys, and in the same motion tossed an manila envelope to the teenager, the teenager looked at it and counted out the 5 $100 bills.

“Pleasure doing business with you.” Said the teenager

Smith grunted, and popped the hood and plugged in the control fuse into his car, without that manufacture specific chip his car would not run, and you needed to know the vin and have the proper insurance for a dealer to sell you one. Guaranteed no joy riding from the teenager…

Smith woke to a rapping at his window, he quickly looked around and saw a peace officer with batton out looking at him.

Smith rolled down the window, “May I help you officer?”

“Why are you here at this hour?” Asked the officer

“Driving home from a late night out, and my eyes were getting heavy and I didn’t want to cause an accident by falling asleep at the wheel.” Stated smith

“License and registration?” asked the officer

Smith handed everything over, the officer reviewed it and handed it back.

“Have a good night” Stated the officer

“You too replied smith” Who fell back asleep.

The next day Smith woke up to the sun cresting the trees, and stretched out. Next time I will try a hotel, he thought to himself.

He started the car and headed back to town, reviewing the events of the day before…

Smith parked his car back in its spot on the property and gave it a wash and a wax, he also sterilized the trunk from where the body had sat unprotected the day before.

Well he thought, so far I have committed a murder and no one even knows the guy is missing yet. He pulled out the murder weapon “You, and only you are the only thing that links me, to the murder. What to do with you?” he said to the object…

Smith decided that he wanted to have bacon, eggs and everything greasy he could get his hands on, comfort himself with as much food as he could eat, he parked at the local greasy diner and went in to eat his fill.

When he finished he started backing up, and then heard the sickening sound of metal on metal as his bumper collided with a door.

He stopped and hopped out to look at what happened, and then a man got out and started yelling and screaming taking no mind to what Smith was trying to say.

The angered man touched Smith not once but three times before Smith finally grabbed the man’s wrist and asked him to stop.

“I will hit you, if I want to hit you.” Said the man,

Smith watched him raise his left hand, and gripped the object he had in his left pocket in his fist, the man took a swing at smith, Smith blocked the arm and rammed his fist into the mans throat, still holding onto the mans right arm, kick him in the stomach and then elbowed him at the base of the skull. The man now out of breath, and on his knees looked at Smith, and Smith smiled, grabbed the mans throat and held his head up, so his eyes were looking at Smith. Smith repositioned the object between his knuckles and punched the man in the right eye, then the left, the object was sitting there, poking out of the mans eyeball, and with that smith raised his hand and hit it as hard as he could with a flat palm driving the object into the man’s brain.

The man fell with a dull thud, and smith quickly tossed the body into his car and left. Not overly worried about witnesses at that time of morning, the old cook couldn’t see the front door and the only waitress was getting cuddly with a trucker, thank you for good timing.

Smith, pulled into his drive, and grabbed three tarps and a pair of pliers, curious to see what the murder weapon was, he gently grabbed it with a pair of pliers and pulled it out of the mans eye.

It was a tie clip, one his soon to be ex wife bought him for his last birthday.

Fitting he thought, that the woman who led me to that diner gave me the weapon to kill him. Smith found that oddly funny as he laughed to himself as he prepped the body for a burial, and he needed a different car…

He held the tie clip with a fondness that a mother would be jealous of, he let it sit in a bleach solution for a few days before washing it, and bleaching it again.

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