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Ugly is about my experience getting called ugly. Abs how I dealt with it. Actually, nothing is born ugly-unknown

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Journal📓 day 1-ugly

Do you ever feel like your ugly? Or like ugly where just born a certain way nobody understands it. I feel ugly but then I realize I’m not. I’m just like everybody else so why shouldn’t I feel ashamed of being me. Sometimes I get so insecure I hide my from so they never see me for a look then just being a human being.
How I experienced for being myself and not looking too appealing sucks because we have to try to be a celebrity. Nah I’m good. Why would you wanna be like them. Not all of them are bad. you should live your life. Your life is beautiful and being called ugly should never make you feel like that.

Have you ever imagine seeing people who don’t even look like us get called names for living. Some people are born with something they can’t control. You shouldn’t. It’s like trauma, people really be putting fear into other people and now you believe you don’t need to show yourself to people because you feel more comfortable hiding yourself. I hide myself all the time I’m tired of people lookin at me for my looks. Dealing with it for years and makes my emotions go crazy.
I’ve even back in my dark tunnel again. Where I just hide away until I feel the pain is over. I never should put myself there but I do because I feel scared of people I met just care about how I look but not who I am. Is this the cost of living? Where you go though different emotions. Sometimes it be so hard to explain why do we go through it. I wrote this because I wanted to let my thoughts about being called that word and how it affects me as a person. You should never be called ugly, I mean we joke around with friends about it. But if you use to make a person
Feel like they can’t have a chance then you just hurting them. Growing up with that word affected me big time. Who ever reads this I hope I helped you feel confident about yourself cauee your beautiful 🤩 and never let a word drag you down. Also a lot of people have an ugly ass personality, they have to look at you call you ugly even if you not trying it to he with them. As long as you living and growing your beautiful. Sorry you been through so much that it doesn’t determine who you know. I saw a tik tok where a guy posted a comment you get 0 girls and he reacted to it in the nicest way. Saying he’s just born that way. So why make him feel shallow of himself. Dude is my hero and I don’t even know him. Has way more confident then me especially with to be on tik tok saying what he said. It’s crazy how people get treated like shit cauee they look so different than us. Me I treat them how I treat everybody by being myself never let ugly tear you down. I don’t have the perfect teeth felt less confident about them but learned to love them day by day. It’s hard because I do think about if I had way more perfect teeth will I be An asshole ? Or just be myself. But I love to love what I have now. 😁
Here’s an quote I Love?
Actually, nothing is born ugly.-unknown😎

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