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my life as a book

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tessa is a 18 year old girl without a mom has a baby brother to take care of and a beat up, drunk dad

Other / Drama
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Chapter 1

this is the being of a story about a girl’s life that was unbearable. there was a girl named Tessa she was a normal girl with a mother who loved her and a dad who drinks a lot and says harsh words and doesn’t care whom he hurts. my dad’s name was harry always went out late at night does not come back until two in the morning Tessa would wake up in the morning to a hungover dad he left me with my damn dad I had to take care of him she left me with him he will always make me feel bad some times I would go upstairs and scream into a pillow and cry. my dad called me for the downstairs. ” be right there dad” I said I went downstairs to see what he needs he wanted me to make him dinner so I did I made him a sandwich like he wanted I gave him a glass of white wine. I went back upstairs and went back to crying. I lay down and think I am an 18-year-old girl whose mom has left a drunken for a dad and a 6-month-old brother who is living with me in my room. later that night my dad said he is going out and won't be back till late afternoon tomorrow I did not say anything though i do not have a a good life but i will try.
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