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Ellies story

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It was Ellies first year of high school it was completely normal other than the fact she was a year younger than everyone else, but the real question is wt will happen will she make any friends or maybe even a love interest read to find out

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“Honey its time for school”. My mom yells from downstairs. It’s to early for this I think to myself, once I’m done changing into a pair of overalls with ripped knees and a blue crop top with some black combat boots I head downstairs. “There’s breakfast at the table” my mom says with a grin on her face. “Alright” I reply.
High school is no joke, today is my first day of 9th grade I’m pretty nervous considering I’m a grade ahead so everybody is gonna be older than me. I wouldn’t say I’m exited more nervous, anxious and scared. Because if my class mates don’t like me it’s over.
I look at the over easy eggs, and crispy bacon with buttered toast. It’s looks so good I repeat in my head “bye mom” I yell over the bus engine “bye honey” she yells back. I hop on the bus looking at the groups I sit in the third row to the back in a empty seat and place my black back pack next to me. I hear an alert on my phone I gasp loud enough for the bus to hear me I put my phone on my chest in embarrassment.
Oh shit I think to myself I can’t be that weird kid that nobody likes. Plus I’m just exited because my friend texted me the new Spider-Man trailer, who wouldn’t be exited about Spider-Man three.

Me and my friend June love Spider-Man plus Tom Holland is so cute June thinks he’s overrated but still likes the plot it’s coming out in December I’m so exited, I’m not exited for school though this is my first year without June, why did I have to skip a grade. I was a grade ahead of her last year but this year is different last year I could see her in between classes.
While every one was getting off the bus we were all getting plowed over, next time I’m waiting for everyone to get out first. The teachers showed us around the school and gave us our necessary equipment i brought my stuff to my locker since today was just orientation we only had to stay till lunch so I didn’t have to eat cafeteria food (thankfully) as we were all getting back on the bus I realized high school was gonna be like a mosh pit.
Once I got home I saw my mom sleeping on the couch with a magazine, so I did what any good daughter would do I grabbed the magazine and covered her up with a blanket. But then I looked at the magazine she was looking for a job does that mean my mom got… FIRED.
I was a teen pregnancy my mom had me when she was 16 and my grandparents kicked her out so I didn’t know them same with my dad I grew up with my aunt Elise (aka my moms best friend) It sucks that my mom has to be a single mom tho.
As I walked up the stairs I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact my mom could be out of a job and here I am complaining because she didn’t buy me a iron man comic, whatever ima watch some Netflix even though she has to pay for that to oh well I’m sure she’ll find one soon.

As i was watching the newest season of srranger things i heard my mom yell from down stairs "Ellie someone is here to see you." (Ellie is my name btw) I was on my way downstairs, about halfway down the stairs i saw Junes convers that she decorated herself by splashing paint on them they actually looked pretty cool. When i saw her I sprinted down the stairs and hugged her she was wearing a green nike hoodie and some jeans.

We went up to my room, "So how was your first day" June asked. "Oh it was good" I replied. "Its kinda like a mash pit tho." "Everyone is being thrown around. What about you." I finish. "Oh it was good there was a new kid and he was really cute and he asked me for my number i said yes of course" she replies. And the rest of the night she was just blabbing about the boy, around eight pm she lft and went home.

That was exausting i thought to myself oh well im not trying to be rude but june has had loads of boyfriends like girl we are only thirteen, at this point i just ignore it. I plopped down on my bed and lookes at my clock, WOW i shout in my head its one am already i gotta get to bed. And just like that my first day was over.

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