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Silent Suffering

By Jose Rodriguez All Rights Reserved ©



Based on the true story of Jose Rodriguez Jr. A young man whose life would be changed forever when he was diagnosed with Locked-In Syndrome. Become intimate with him as he shares details about his experience. Jose was just a regular guy trying to live healthy when he suffered a stroke that left him far from his normal life. No one knows why it happened or if anything could have been different. Meet new people and see what they have to say about him as he discovers a new life. DISCLAIMER: My experience at RIC is a personal one, I can't speak for everyone else. Please don't think it's a bad place when actually they do a lot of good there.

Chapter 1: Vacation

Let’s admit it; vacation is just a time to relax away from work while getting paid for it. At least…that’s the way I saw it. I took my vacation in the summer during school vacation so a few of my younger brothers could stay with me. Besides, I had little else to do; alone I could just write, play video games, surf the web, or listen to music.

We stayed up all night; I remember just watching my little brother play until he fell asleep. People often asked if I was going anywhere; as long as I was close to the family I was happy. I often visited a family member just because; I liked visiting my Dad, he’s a funny guy, and it gave me a chance to spend some time with the baby.

I was glad to have so many video game systems and multiple TVs (Television); it made entertaining my younger brothers easy. I bought food I normally wouldn’t have bought to feed them; I can’t tell you how many pizzas or éclairs I bought, among other things. Don’t get me wrong or anything; I enjoyed all that stuff, but Jesus it was a lot!

It was at this time I found multiple, slow, dripping leaks in my roof. I patched them up but decided to try and get a new roof. A solicitor came by a few days earlier and said something about “… hail damage…” she gave me a flier that I almost threw away; when I needed a new roof, I flipped through a bunch of papers, and old envelopes until I found what I was looking for. I called the roofing guys, and they did all the paperwork and submitted it to my insurance. I set up an appointment with my insurance to have a guy come out and inspect my roof.

The inspector came to my house in a timely manner and checked my roof while I chatted with one of the roofers. When the Inspector was finished, he came down and told me he didn’t see any damage caused by hail, but he did find some costly problems. I thanked the inspector and the roofer for coming out and afterwards, wondered how in the world I was going to come up with the money for a new roof.

Things were bad enough with the roof situation; it was to get much worse. I went to the store only a measly block from my house. I can’t remember what I was looking for; I go back to my house, and on the way back a woman hits me on the rear driver side wheel with her SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle). I thought she just banged my wheel a bit, and physically, it looked as if someone had beaten her with a wheel; her and her friend. Of course, she was very apologetic and stupid me didn’t notice any damage. I decided not to get the insurance involved, and we went our separate ways.

It wasn’t until I visited my grandma later that day I noticed a dent in my car were the lady hit me. It wasn’t that big of a dent, but I wouldn’t call it small either; it was located just past the wheel; too late to get the insurance involved; how could I pay for this and the roof? The world seemed to be spinning out of control.

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