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This isn't what you think it is. Yes. This is not fiction. Not some romance story. This has the truth that humans have abandoned for years. Read it. Just a page.

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The Thing It Truly Is All About

Hear me out.

This is not the normal kind of book that you may think it is. This is not a multi-chapter book or a long dragging novel. This is what it is. About truth. Not a fiction, of made-up worlds [no offence authors! just saying]. Not a self-help book or a werewolf thing or a romance thing. This is not that kind. Indeed, this is by no means something that publishers would want to publish. Honestly, this kind of “thing” can not even exist in Wattpad or any other forums for amazing writers. I have to say though, that you authors are doing a fantastic job; you are doing what you guys love. Ah! Should I forget? Readers, you guys are making possible the profession of being an Author. Because, without you people, none of them would exist. Besides, if they were, their books would be but a bunch of stacked papers.

Okay. To the point.

Recently, I’ve been burdened about why the world and the majority of the population are being swayed away, swept way, lead astray by the things that block out their dreams, yes, those things that make them feel inferior, things that make them think that they are born for nothing but to work under someone. Under someone’s command. Now, this may seem like an over-exaggeration, but I promise, I’ll bring about a rational explanation that one may find vaguely appropriate from a different angle. Well, expanding my collective perception, all the labourers and employed people who work in contractual jobs and also the men and women that work on a daily-wages basis, bring balance to the world’s labour force and ultimately meet and filling all the fundamental needs of the lot. Say, for instance, you need a nice suit. What do you do? There are two ways,

a] Go and buy for yourself, which is undoubtedly the best way,

b] Buy it online, which is something that I perceive in a controversial manner because one can’t abstractly understand the quality of whatever goods they purchase, except just form a conjecture by reading all the reviews given by the people who have already bought the product. Still, the entirety of the reviews will be not positive always.

Now if you opt for online purchase, the people that make possible the deliverance of the good, right from the e-commerce centre to the courier driver who oscillates between the two ends - the centre and the customer, are being insanely conscientious job-wise. According to a global study made by Gallup’s annual Work and Education Poll [census took on Aug 2005] which narrows our eyesight down to the topic of loving and not loving the works undertaken by an individual. Here’s what they got:

* 32% of workers loved their profession.

* 59% of workers liked their profession.

* 7% of workers disliked their jobs.

* 2% of workers hated their jobs.

The individuals that come under the last three categories [59%+7%+2%=68%] feel a sense of inadequacy in what they do for a living, with the last two unquestionably dissatisfied with their undertakings. So, it almost seems that the majority of individuals, in some way or the other, think that they could be something more.

That was in 2005. Let us look into the present time, the Post-Covid time. A survey was conducted by the Social Policy Institute at Washington University in St. Louis. The survey was made with 5,500 individuals, and it took place from April 27 to May 12. The survey concluded that 24% of the individuals had lost their job or had a gobsmacking reduction in their pay. Now it seems that exceeding levels of inadequacy is being attained, which will, of course, have a severe effect on one’s personal, family and mental health.

Now that wars, be it between nations or cyber, are being waged at places, it seems that finding peace in life is becoming one big question mark.


The reason for my writing is this: Do what you love than what assures you a ‘stable’ life. The phrase ‘Stable Life’ has no meaning if there is no joy in what we do. Surely, an income is crucial, but happiness is paramount. There are rich people with cutting-close-to-the-bone-depression and there are people with a reasonable income with comforting joy in life. Well, life is a tragedy. It won’t let you stay the same for too long. It tests you. It makes you fragile. Society does that. But people who do what they love are stronger and more at peace in their life.

I want the world to hear me out. I want to reach out to people and talk to them. Talk to them through morality.

It’s a pity that even I who wrote this, am at a crossroads.

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