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Zero Vernon is a 17-year-old transgender male who is lost in the world. After the death of his best friend, Rune Smyth, he struggles through the memories and emotions that grief brings. He begins to slowly wander away from home, trying to find peace with his mind.

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It was a constant battle between fear and pain. The fear of abandonment and the pain from mental agony that was a result of the fear.

But after her death, the pain became unbearable.

The agony brought the tornado of memories.

Crouched on a dirt path beside the railroad.

Sometimes, the memories are too unbearable.

Rumbling vibrations being emitted from the metal tracks.

It's weird how they work to be honest, memories.

The distant horn of a train echoing through the night air.

Like..they're supposed to be happy, aren't they?

A circular light appears from around the bend, racing closer.

Usually, at least.

Light colors the two figures in a hue of gold.

So why do they haunt me?

Wind rushes past at incredible speeds and a deafening roar hit the figures as the train rushes past.

They're like a reminder of what was- of what I lost.

Their hearts were pounding and their eyes lit with joyous excitement.

They say it'll pass.

Smiles grew on their faces and they watched the train start to disappear into the distance.

But I don't think it ever will.

Smiles shone and laughter bubbled into the air as the two walked back the way they came.

Because fear is never good mixed with other emotions.

One of them turned to stare in the direction of the memory they had just made, as if they could see it playing out.

But fear and grief is the most terrifying and heartbreaking combination of them all.

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