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Harrowing California

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Byron is elected Governor of California, head of the Californian Cultural Communal Party and is received with a fawning fan base, wildly popular. He introduces a daffy mixture of communalist, enlightenment, romanticist and anarchist culture and lifestyle. He asks the poor, the ‘Selyaks’, [as opposed to the rich, or the ‘Kulaks’], to vote directly on his proposed laws, rather than go through the motions of the Senate, and in doing so, he succeeds in legislating law after law in a rapid manner, hitherto unseen in California, for the man with the mission has to create the ‘Model New Californian Human’. So, Byron says, “Citizens of California! Either we storm the Bastille, or the Bastille will storm us!” For him, this was the fusion of Spartacus, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution and the Sixties Counterculture all rolled into the exact present moment; a radical, re-purposing of Man’s existential context – for what else is there? Is Man to live happily or to live miserably? And it is the fanatic enthusiasm that shocks California, the United States and indeed, the watching world, far more than his ideology, as Byron’s adherents seem more of a cult-like following, than any

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In the Beginning

Some ages ago, certain curious events ravaged California, with the rest of the country coming in second place, though as a direct consequence of the aforementioned events in California. So much so, we still find experts and laypeople questioning the meanings of those events, while some cynics despair if there were even one meaning therein, at all. One thing, however, is unquestioned, simply because everyone can agree on this matter – the harrowing of California; for that aspect of our tale, is so sadly sure and true.

These chronicles, we hope, may indeed evince a fruitful understanding on two perennially perplexing conundrums – on the nature of Man and on the examination of governance, for one is, after all, forever threaded with the other.

We now bid you welcome to our first book, Harrowing of California.

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