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My story consists of small chapters mostly about talks that I have with me, endless flow of thoughts crossing my mind.Hope others can relate to some of the common topics.

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In Search of Love

As humans we often look for love and acceptance.Our whole world revolves around doing things to find love, feel loved and give love. One might think what is love actually? Is it some hormonal reaction in the body, a temporary feeling, needing validation of own existence, or dependency of some kind, feeling content.

What does it mean when someone says they love you or you love them.Does it have to be said out loud or just felt.Is caring for someone be seen as love? Do you feel love in your bond with nature, in the attention given by your pet, or dependency on you shown by an orphan kitten.

Can love be defined, or we carry our own definition of love. As humans race evolved, what did we choose hundreds of years ago and still today, survival or love? Is love a liberty given by one’s circumstances? Can having empathy or sympathy be confused with love. Is it a way to stop the human from becoming beast? Does it ever fade , disappear, change, turn into hatred, be unconditional, full of sacrifices,temporary, TRUE?

Well love could be what you feel for yourself, you want to protect yourself no matter what, eat well, wear well, look nice, feel joy, be healthy.When you show the same to others as well, when you want same thing for others what you want for yourself , then and only then others feel loved.

Love could be like a rainbow, all those feelings of care, joy, happiness together forming love, which is eternal and essential.Love could be what you feel inside you rather external.What you feel for your own self, and reflect outside. It should be or rather has to be the basis of entire universe.It must be how nature functions with great love.Its within us so deeply and naturally, left there buried for us to dig down and find out and let it shine.

Still in search for Love.................

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