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A story that brings you closer to the mind of a young African girl who’s desire to be a shining light was ruined by the situation of her country and kind...

Other / Mystery
Tejumola Adeniran
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Chapter 1

I was warned by my mother to stop playing with sharp objects but i never listened, look at it now i've injured myself and i know mama would scold me for never listening. I ran to Lily my kid sister and asked her to help me wrap my hand with her scarf to stop the bleeding and she did, after a while we ran home as it was getting dark. On getting home my dad was back from work and seems to be enjoying my mothers delicacy as he didn't bath an eyelash at us. Today happens to be those lucky days where we eat meat and our soup isn't all to watery. Lily and I always pray for everyother day to be like this but unfortunately it never is cause papa's salary is not even enough to my sister and i but we've always managed ourselves.

My mother gave us food to eat and it was suddenly bedtime for Lily and I, we both went to bed and at 1am, ill wake Lily up to study, this is like our ritual, we both stufy in the middle of the night without waking our parents, this way we get to retain what we have study. Seeing the situation of our family Lily and i have decided to liberate our family and seeing as we're both smart kids we study twice as hard just to make sure we pass and make our parents proud. While Lily wants to be a medical doctor I want to be a Lawyer just so i could be the voice to thousands of voiceless people especially people like my parents that have been cheated upon by the learned.

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