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The Silver Ace

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This is a story about John.The Silver Ace and what is yet to unfold.

Other / Adventure
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Chapter 1

"Back when it all started i just wanted to know where you were.I never wanted to be alone but this is my life,this is my way and it gets hard we all know that."-Junuis

2 years ago when the world started to burn because the people got greedy we noticed an irregularity in the sky.It got more purple as the days past and everyone acted weirder and weirder.Turns out it was just a passing comet but you could feel the electrifying currents run through your body.Honestly it was a weird sensation.

"I began to warm and chil,To objects in the fields,A ragged cup a twisted mop,the face of jesus in my soup,those sinister dinner deals,the meal trolley's wicked wheels,sumthins rising from my food,all things good or ungood."Deep breath..."Nd the Mercy seat is waiting,nd i think my head is burning,in a way im yearning to be done with all thts weighing up the truth,An ì for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,Nd anyway i told the truth,Nd im not afraid to die..."

~Page 2~

"Would u shut the hell up John?!Im busy in here!"That was my sister by the way she's sucha drag sumtimes like can't a man jus sing in peace you know.So i shut up nd walk down the stairs to see what she's up to.Her idea of bein "busy" is chillin infront of the t.v. watchin reruns of old movies like come on SLATE is a way better tear jerker than Titanic.I walk up to her and I'm like planning sumthing risky that's my way."Why's it so quite all of a sudden?" Slowly i back away because i know whats about to happen.She loves doin that.Suprising me with a suprise attack.Kat ain't so bad we've known each other since we were 2 years old.My dad's a cheating bastard but hey i got a lil sister so it's fine.

So i jus plop down on the couch next to her."Go get me a soda small one"Nd oh oh she's irritated already.Heh it's a cute way to express how's she's feelin you'd see it on her face before she'd tell you how she feels.I get the cold stare nd like i jus shoo her away.Lets see what's on t.v. I mean it's nothing gud thts for sure."Kat would u go get the door sumbodys knockin." "Why don't u stand up nd go get it ur fuckin self John"

Brings a smile to my face how she curses so openly.So i walk to the door nd open it.First thing i notice is the evening sky lookin amazing like where is all these colours coming from?The sky is all purple nd red..looks nice.

~Page 3~

"Ugh earth to John."He looks down at the girl callin his name.Oh hey it's Lori is the first or second tought tht pops into his head."Hey sexy.."I smirk a lil nd she jus rolls her eyes but hey there was a lil smile ok u can't deny it ok ur jus the reader this is my story.Okay fine she didn't smile she was annoyed.Happy now?

But anyway she jus pushes me outa the way nd go flops on the couch. She's very pretty but thts not the point."So Lori what are you doin here on my humble grounds"Ah tht look of annoyance is sumthin alright."Ugh John can u jus fuck off for 2 minutes i need to talk to Kat she'll understand."Man i need to give up on this kid she's always like tht all spoiled nd shit.I don't know wht Kat sees in her as a friend.

John stands up to go fetch his sis outa the kitchen.Lori is definitely boring as hell."Hey sis Lori's here.Tell her i hate her okay." Kat laughs at her brother's stupidity.How can he not give up yet he should know by now tht Lori swings the other way."Okay bro thanks now here's ur damm soda so leave me alone wid her for a few minutes okay."

~Page 4~

I wonder where's Mía.Now she's one of Kat's fun friends. She's very crazy no lies.She jus might be the most fun one among them.John doesn't know his world might soon be changing.It's jus a matter of time and place.What's on my agenda?Im probably jus gonna chil in my room.Yea no time to break out.So John climbs out his window nd onto the roof."Oh hey Mía" I keep walking but like why is Mía on my roof?

"Hey John i was jus about to come nd fetch u." Tht could be true but like Mía is sexy man fuck me."John stop drooling lets go"Hmmm wht did she jus say?Something about drool? "Mía how old are you again?".Wait isn't it rude to ask tht? "Really John thts wht ur asking me rn we need to go" He's such a weirdo.Eh he can get weirder like alot weirder.So we start to get off of the roof.

Man Mía's got sum cakes.So we walk to wherever the hell she wants to go.Whats up with Mía tho she usually doesn't come nd fetch me.She calls it breaking me out of prison.Heh i love her weird.As John and Mía walk to there spot there's alot happening over at his home.

~Page 5~

"Lori what's up why do u wanna talk?" She's doesn't usually jus come to talk sumthin else has happend.Hmmmm i wonder where is John."Kat i really need ur help.I messed up big time.I need ur help Kat please."She breaks down crying tears streaming down her face.What the hell happend to her?"Lori pls look at me it will be okay.Lori come on look at me look at me."

Lori looks into Kat's brown eyes nd she bursts out crying.That was enough to push her over the edge.As Kat moves closer to Lori the tought crosses her mind that this might lead to something else entirely.Kat holds her close because at the moment thts all she can do."It'll be okay Lori im here.Im here.Ok?" All Lori can do is shake her head.

This is nice im walkin around with Mía.She's really pretty.Wait why do i always think about how sexy or pretty she is?"Mía where are we going?Also have i told u how..."The look she gives me stops me right in my tracks.Brings a small smile to my face."John u damm weirdo stop flirting with ur sisters friends."Her laugh is seriously so melodic."So John the reason i broke u out today is because i feel tht we need to talk."

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