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The Alpha

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"You belong to me!" A voice came from behind me. My faced creased "You what ?!" I turn around while closing my locker. "You're mine!" Eyes darkening, and mouth sneering. "I think not!" I Pushed passed him. Contact was short and brief but electrifying. Before I could think more him had me, had me. No grabbed me around the waist. Hulling me over his right shoulder. A small breathy gasp left my parted lips, sounding like a grunt as his shoulder walked on my hip as he strutted out the school building. There will defiantly be a bruise tomorrow. What a complete and utter arsehole.

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Chapter 1

My head was banging on the fogged up window of the school bus. Bang! one ... Bang! two ... Bang! three ... Three, that’s how many days we’ve been back to school. no more summer, sun and fun, back to high school. I do believe now not wearing a coat was a bad idea, as the rain poured down hitting the old vessel of a yellow submarine. Ice water slowly oozes through the gaps between the window and the bus itself, showing its age. My trusty yellow backpack sat sluggishly next to me.

Looking down at my outfit I think this might be the worst, no coat and it’s pouring down, a tight lilac wrap crop rib-knit top, with bell sleeves, black paper bag jeans and my light grey vans. My hair up and down, hair at each side of my face pulled back behind my head into a claw pearl hair clip.

A screech of the wheels and ache of the old vessel settling. Thudding doors swung open. A shock of frosty damp air rushed through the bus making every one its victim.

Fiddling with my locker key in my shaking wet hands. “Oh come on , come on !” I hush to myself.

In my locker are science textbooks, and my spare just incase pencil case with all the necessities. And right at the back of the shelf safely hidden away is my emergency snack. It was a big box of Kellogg’s crunchy nut clusters, honey and nut flavor, and I had already eaten all the chocolate ones. What can I say, the first few back to school days are hard don’t judge me. Just hope unlike last year I don’t go up in size due to these habits. As I don’t have the money to be buying a whole new wardrobe again.

Grabbing the physics textbook in my hand I close the locker and head to Mr Keller’s classroom. But before I take the turn to the left I hurry back to my locker to collect a handful of honey nut clusters. Taking my usual seat near the front next to the door.

“Aaaatchooo!” Wiping a sore red bulbous nose with a damp hanky stood Mr Keller, in front of the smart board. This is the fifth time now that red nose has been wiped by that hanky, only six minutes into the lesson. His normally tidy desk, now a graveyard of tissues. Every time the corners of my mouth went south and my body grimaced back. I started spraying my table and hands down with my hand wash spray, meant to ‘kill up to 98% of germs’. I hope that 2% don’t come for me.

Heading to the cafeteria I stop at my locker unloading all my books, and grabbing a hand cupful of cereal. Once through the double swinging doors I head for the long line at the hot food counter. Looking side to side of the people in front of me, wondering what’s available today.

Now displayed in front of me Mac & cheese, though it looks like the sauce is splitting, some pre-made sandwiches, salads and quiche ingredients listed are three cheeses, bacon, mushrooms and sweetcorn.

Shoving the last bits of the honey and nut clusters in my mouth, pondering what I fancy. Checking out the sandwiches in search for a brown bread cucumber, ham, sweetcorn and iceberg lettuce one. The best one. ‘Cheese and ham. No. Tuna and sweetcorn. No. Sun-dried tomatoes and cheese. No.’ Mumbling with a now half mouthful. A frown creased distorting my face.

‘Hurry up.’ The lady huffed from behind the counter. ‘What will it be then?’

‘Umm... I’ll have.. ah...’ eyes slipping back over the options, the split sauce Mac & cheese, the squished quiche and the sandwiches. ′ I’ll go with a slice of quiche, please.′ It being the least worst.

Flinching and my mouth down turning as she scooped the quiche in her see-through gloved hand and smashed the frail quiche on the semicircle of the plastic plate/tray.

The lady went down to the next section, desserts.

A circle strawberry jam tart, all of them mishmash in size and in quantity of jam. Small sliver of white frosted and rainbow sprinkled sponge.

The smell hit me first, an aroma so warm and inviting, that could only belong to ginger cake.

‘So what would yo-’

“Ooh! Ginger cake please!” My face beaming, this will make up for the sad squashed quiche.

‘Drink.’ Her unamused voice sounded out.

Bottles of water, sodas, juice, and chocolate milk and smoothies.

′ A chocolate milk please.′

Grabbing my tray I turned around to scope out the cafeteria. Full and bustling with students, talk and gossip. The windows are dark grey with streaks running down. Sighing and heading for the double doors. After I go to the back of the school, there are some stairs that no-one really uses. Out of breath from walking up all the stars to the top where there is just the fire exit door to the roof and where the roof is slanting downwards above. I take my seat in the corner on the opposite side of the landing from the fire exit, next to a small box window. From my seat I can’t see if anyone is coming but I will probably be able to hear them but it’s not like they can see me here, like I can’t see them.

Taking the third fork full of quiche to my mouth I push the tray so now facing me is my beloved ginger cake, still warm. Leaving half the quiche.

Empty milk box discarded on the floor. No crumb of ginger cake insight. An abandoned half quiche. Legs spread out. Head leaning sideways on the wall.

‘BBBBUUUURRRRPPP.!’ Belted out my throat without my consent. Bringing me back into the world. Covering my mouth and looking around making sure that it did really come from me. Satisfied that I am alone I check the time. ‘Shit!’ I whispered. It’s now the end of the day, well the last lesson. ‘How the frick did that happen!’ Flapping my arms trying to collect the evidence that I was there and missing steps to get to my locker throwing the evidence in now of the bins on my way.

Yanking at the locker door it finally opened. I grabbed my sports kit and slammed it shut, not checking to see if it closed properly. And ran to the changing rooms, to the sports hall.

‘You’re late miss Burrows’ Ms Hanson’s voice reached me before her. ‘Half an hour late, got to say I think that’s the longest yet.’ ′ Hurry up and get outside.′

My gormless face produced a ‘What?’

Ms Hanson stood tall, with a slim frame, greying hair, deep lines of wrinkles, a sharp pointy nose. Wearing her old team tracksuit, ‘the Welch girls’ embroidered on the back, on the left hand chest and the right legged hip. A smile making the lines in her face more prominent spread on her face ′ oh you are in for a right treat. The boys and girls are now put together for gym class and they are currently outside.′ Her smile grew as the colour drained from my face along with all the hope I had fro this year.

‘No.’ Whispered in disbelief.

‘Yes!’ Ms Hanson clapped her hands looking very close too laughing.

Head down and drag my feet along the shiny wooden gym floor to the fire exit door, where behind it led to the school field.

Terror hit my body as I saw they where doing track racing. ′ no no no. please god from now on I’ll be good. I’ve learnt my lesson, stop the punishment!′ On my knees, hands praying and face towards the say.

‘Stop being so dramatic!’ Ms Hanson said as she walked past me towards the class.

Wiping off the mud from my bare knees I slowly start to walk over.

‘Phoebe! Over here please!’ I make my way closer to Ms Hanson, who is now standing near the track starting line. ‘It is your turn now.’ Taking both my shoulders she forcefully moved me to stand on the white line. ‘Harley!’ One of the girls sat in the group made up of populars and turned some hair effortlessly falling each side of her face from her ponytail. ′ you haven’t run yet. Why don’t you two race?′ Ms Hanson said, patting my shoulder and back as she walked away.

‘This is going to be sooo easy.’ Harley whispered to her group while she stretched before meeting me at the white line. Them laughing behind her as she walked, making her shoulders push back and her spine to straighten, confidence and pride rippled off her.

‘Shit.’ I mumbled just before the whistle blew, our signal to run, only one lap.

‘Wat...water.... Please ...’ my pants stopping me from talking properly.

A smile on her face Ms Hanson handed me an unopened bottle of water.

Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.

Less than half the water left. Bending over feeling sick rises. ′ uuuggg!′ A soft pressure made its way on my back, in the shape of a hand. Oh it must be Ms Hanson ′ Why ... Why did you do that to me?′

‘I didn’t do anything wrong!’ A voice to masculine to be Ms Hanson’s. The colour drained from my face yet again, the feeling of sickness found its way back to me. Now the voices of laughter hit my ears. Spinning up, I turned around to see a boy, taller than me not by much, grey eyes, light brown hair and a dimple on his left cheek and on his chin when he smiled and laughed. ′ Hi I am Wilbur, Wilbur Haynes.′ Extending a hand.

‘Um... I am Phoebe Burrows.’ Accepting his hand in mine.

‘You did really well out there.’

‘how I lost and it wasn’t one where it was a so close win she was like already halfway through the track just as I was setting off. Drugs!’ I exclaim.

A breathy ‘what?’ Said through a laugh.

‘Drugs, its the only way she could do that. She must be using performance hastening drugs’

‘Okay but why would she use them? Just to win one gym track race?’

‘Ugh! I don’t know!’ Rising my hands to the sky as I throw myself on the field muddy grass , closing my eyes lying on my front.

After getting changed I went to the toilet and saw dry mud on the left side of my face. Collecting water in my hands and scrubbing all in vain as the resilient mud stayed.

‘It’s fine, I am just going home anyway.’ I shrug and walk to my locker.

Collecting my bag and a generous handful of honey nut clusters, as I deserve them I’ve been traumatised.

Once I finished the hand full off I swung my backpack over my shoulders as well as my sports kit, as that needs to be washed.

“You belong to me!” A voice came from behind me as I was checking I had everything, and pondering if I should get myself another handful for the road home.

My face creased “You what ?!” I turn around while closing my locker, by accident with my backpack which has my sports kit bag on it as well.

“You’re mine!” Eyes darkening, and mouth sneering. Jeez he should really get something for that, like man go see a doctor and leave me alone.

“I think not!” I Pushed past him. This bitch, now I can’t have my honey nut clusters on my way home. Rage consumed me.

Contact was short and brief but electrifying. Before I could think more he had me, had me. No grabbed me around the waist. Hulling me over his right shoulder. A small breathy gasp left my parted lips, sounding like a grunt as his shoulder walked on my hip as he strutted out the school building. There will definitely be a bruise tomorrow. What a complete and utter arsehole.

‘You bitch! Let go of me!’ I scream all down the corridor to his car. Shit his car. Shit. Shit. Shit. From all the true crime I’ve watched I know that once the kidnapped victim has reached a secondary location the chances of survival dramatically diminish. Frickity frack!

Swigging violently to make his grip loose or to make him come off balance. But no god is against me today. Whispers catch my ears, people will help me. Yes!

‘Stop standing around and can you please help me!’ I roared. They froze and looked my way. Yes! Yes! Yes! Take that you caveman! But nothing most walked or ran away and some just looked on. ‘What great help you all are!’ I spat.

Next thing I am gently placed into the passenger seat at the front of the car not the boot. Interesting...

He leaned over and fastened my seat belt before slamming the door and jumping in the driver’s seat. Speeding off. I tried to make conversation but there were some grunts here and there. Now on a narrow country lane, one I know that heads out of town, towards the woods. This is it, he’s gonna kill me!

′ Oh fuck it.′ I whispered and undid my seat belt, opened my door, arms up over my head and rolled out.

Head banging, knees scraping. ‘Ouch!’

The skid of tires on the dirt road. A slamming door.

‘Shit.’ I breathe out.

Got on my feet and ran. Full on sprint. Not wanting to go in a straight line I jump over the low wire fence hidden by the shrubbery. Cross the sheep filled field sat an old worn farm house with a green ford car out in the front. Okay so someone must be home.

An open window, nice. Going head first, putting my hands down on the bathroom sink that is positioned below the window and carefully got to the ground.

Nice try arsehole, now try and get me now!

A heavy knock came and a door opened, letting heavy footprints in. Wait, how did he get here so fast? Is he on performance hastening drugs as well? I mean if it is him.

Pushing myself up against the bathroom door ...

‘Sorry to bother you but I believe that someone I am looking for is in this house.’

‘Oh um ... come in then’

‘Sorry again,’

‘No bother.’

Footsteps getting closer I move back to the open window to escape. Just before I poked my head out a hand grabbed my elevated ankle. No no no. wiggling, kicking, everything but the grip didn’t loosen. That arsehole! A battle cry ripped through my throat as I was slowly pulled out the window and off the sink. My fist flying out in hopes of hurting this arsehole.

All my actions were in vain. Now held tight in his arms, my heart beating out my chest I could see the entrance to the bathroom and there stood an old couple. My eyes pleading with them to help me. Adrenaline wearing off, my body ached, stung and was exhausted. Watery eyes Turing everything blurry. So this is it? Going to die before I’ve even lived! Trying to fight back my heavy eyelids to no avail.

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