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The Alpha

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chapter 2

Sweet smell of freshly baked warm ginger cake caught my nose wafting gently around me, filling the air with its aroma. The sweet tempting fragrance was not all fresh warm ginger cake but fresh warm ginger cake with sticky runny caramel sauce. Mouth watering.

Hypnotised, like a moth to a flame, my feet made their way closer to the looming smell. A door. That’s where the aroma leads me. A white wooden door. Wait ...

Spinning around, dizzying my head, this is definitely not my bedroom. Shit! I am in the secondary location! I am as good as dead!

Falling to the floor on my knees, head up to the unfamiliar ceiling. ′ God why ? Please tell me why are you so cruel to me?′ I sob through loud mouthfuls of air.

‘The door!’ I race to it and menacingly strangle the metal handle. ′ locked. Shit! Well what was I expecting? He just left the door open for me to just wander out. Think Phoebe! Think!′

‘The windows!’ Climbing clumsily over the bed messing the sheets up, to get to the over side of the room. Two big windows claiming dominance over me. ‘Okay, you’ve got this.’ My feet bouncing on the light wood floor. Klick! ‘Yes!’ My outstretched hand let go of the window. I carefully climbed through. Out on the ledge, looking down like three? No four ? Stories. ‘Frick!’ To the left standing helpful is an old oak tree, its beaches lush green strides spreading far and wide. ‘Thank you tree.’ Patting the bark trunk as my bare feet made contact with the grass. What? Bare feet? I remember having shoes on...

My attire now is made up of a white t-shirt and ... shit that’s it. No! Nothing else, just a white t-shirt that barely covers my bum. ‘What a creep. Pervert!’

Debating whether or not to go back for my bag, clothes and phone. No I can’t this is about my survival above all else I will not die today!

Harsh bark hands grabbed at my exposed skin as golden leaves squish beneath my feet and toes. Got to get out, go home, call the police. Hug my older brother. A perilous howl echoed around me, in full defence I pushed my sore legs harder, clenching my newly shaking hands. Got to stay alive, got to get home. Trees whipping my body as I recklessly try to navigate the never ending woods.

Light! Iridescent light! Heavy eyelids opening a little wider. Yes! Nearly there.

Onto the dirt road, rounding the corner, making contact with pavement, going up Lonnie road and weaving in and out of Alf street, turning the last corner making it on to Albert road. The twelfth house down, with a light blue door. ′ ah ... home at last.′ A heavy sigh left my body as I Walts up the drive. ‘Shit! I don’t have my keys.’

Bang! Bang! Bang!

‘Jeez I am coming!’ My brother’s voice, muffled by the door. Tears started to prick my eyes.

‘Edric!’ I jump wrapping the confused him in my arms. Pushing away from my hug Edric walked back inside plonking himself on the old sofa picking up his controller. ‘Edric? Why aren’t you celebrating? I am home.’

‘Whoop ity doo!’ His eyes are not leaving the tv screen, which is displaying his character in a war zone shooting at each other.

‘Didn’t you notice I was gone?’ I huff walking to the side of him making sure I am in his line of sight, hands on hips. ‘I got kidnapped!’

‘Uh, yeah sure you did.’ He said, raising a bushy caterpillar-like eyebrow.

Folding my arms over my chest I walk past the TV to the kitchen. Food and maybe a drink. A small kitchen like the rest of the house. Fringe, quarter block of cheese, mouldy grapes, a packet of wrinkly bell peppers and a carton of milk still in date. Cupboard one, pasta bag, jar of curry sauces, canned vegetables, Kelloggs cornflakes and some seasonal salt pepper paprika and five spice. Next cupboard a packet of fourteen bags of chips, flavours cheese and onion, chicken, hot cheese, salt and ginger, barbecue.

‘Umm ... cheese and onion.’

Waltzing back into the living room I took the armchair. What am I doing? I need to go with the police. Shooting up off the armchair chips falling to the ground. Hand on the handle ... wait should I get changed first? I ran upstairs grabbing some knickers and pulling them on. Slide my feet into my old trainers and take Edric’s keys in hand.

‘Ah! Ramos street. The station should be on the next corner.’

Busting through the double doors ′ I’ll like to report a kidnapping!′ I roared.

All eyes looking at me scared and worried. I look down and slowly make my way to the reception desk.

‘A kidnapping was it?’

‘Yes!’ I say too loud.


‘Phoebe Burrows.’

Wheeling her chair over to the phone ′ yeah ....mmm ... best to get DI Godfrey down... yeah ... okay ... thank you.′ Wheeling back squeaking, a forced smile on her red overpainted lips ′ it won’t be long would you like to have a seat.′

I didn’t take a seat I can’t. Pacing back-and-forth in front of the desk. Really wishing I could have my honey nut clusters.

The door next to the desk opened revealing a man in his late thirties in a smart shirt, slacks and pointed shoes. ′ Phoebe Burrows?′

Now I sat in an office room with him at his desk, me sitting opposite.

‘Kidnapping?’ Rising an eyebrow


‘Okay, this is serious business. If we find out you are making this up there will be consequences.’

‘I am not, it is a real kidnap!’

‘So name, how long they have been missing, etc.’ ‘you know the basic information.’

‘Okay.’ Taking a deep breath. ‘Phoebe Burr-’

‘No not your name, the person who has allegedly been kidnapped.’

‘Oh but I was the one kidnapped.’

He didn’t say anything but the way he paused and looked at me said everything. ′ you’re saying that you got kidnapped?′ Pointing a finger at me.

‘Yes when I was leaving school!’ Why are people finding this new information so hard to understand?

‘Okay, are you hurt in any way?’

‘Um no...’

‘Mmm’ he started typing on the keys. ‘Do you remember anything about the person who kidnapped you or the place you were?’

‘Umm ... he was a male, was taller than me...mmm ...uh ...had a sports fast car ....and he took me to a house in the woods.’ ‘That’s all I can really remember’

‘Okay, did you get an address? Number plate?’

‘No...’ I said in a small voice.

‘How come you’re here now?’

’Well I escaped.’a little bit of pride flowed through me.


‘Through the window, it was unlocked, you see.’

‘Mmm.’ ‘Well thank you for your time, do you have a phone number we can contact for you.’

‘No as he took all my things and still has them, my phone included.’ ‘oh! Wait, this is his shirt. I believe I woke up wearing it.’ ′ Do you need it like for DNA, to find out who he is?′

‘No, you can keep the shirt.’

Strange, I wonder why? Mmmm .....

′ You can leave now.′ He said standing up going over to the bleeping printer.

‘Oh yes okay bye.’ Leaving with a weak wave, not even looking to see if he saw or waved back.

Back home I collect a plastic bag from the kitchen and rush to my room that barely fits the single bed in and take off the t-shirt as carefully as possible and fold it into the plastic bag. Placing the bag under my bed for safe keeping. Just in case they need it.

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