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Based on mostly true events, Identity is a short story about a 16 year old teenager who only recently came out as Asexual to his friends. He didn't think he would have to ever deal with something like this, especially from his friend. Note From The Author - I didn't write this in the intent of publishing. I wrote this because I needed a way to get my anger and annoyance out. Personally I didn't think it was good but some friends encouraged me to post it online so I came to Inkitt. Thanks for reading :)

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Alex is walking to class with Maya and Ezekial

“Anyway, I reckon we got a good shot at winning, but hey if we don’t it’s not the end of the world” Alex said.

“Yeah! Honestly, in the end I’m happy with what we did. My class is here, I’ll see you all at lunch,” Ezekial finished, breaking away to head into class.

Alex groaned. “Math. Math, last period on a Monday! It should be illegal”

“Totally! Hey at least we’re starting a new topic, algebra was gonna be the death of me! Anyway I’ll see you later” Maya said as they began to head off to their classroom.

“Yeah,” Alex smiled. “See ya later,”.

As Alex approached his class he noticed the only thing outside was a messy row of bags against the wall ’Crap, class has already started’ he thought to himself. He chucked his bag against the wall and headed in. He looked around for people he knew. He spotted Felix and Akira but there weren’t any free seats. ‘Dammit. Well, front of the class isn’t too bad I suppose’.


Alex recognised the voice.

Matt. The person who only yesterday decided, 'Hey, instead of supporting my friend for coming out as Asexual, I’ll turn this into some sort of psychological study'. Alex turned to see a free seat up the back next to him. ‘Oh well, it’s better than the front I suppose,’ he thought to himself as he reluctantly turned and headed towards Matt.

“Alexxxx!” he said as he began to sit down.

“Hallooo” Alex replied, trying to seem friendly.

“I didn’t see you at the science meeting. Akira went looking for you to remind you.” stated Matt.

“Oh yeah no I uhhhh changed my mind, I don’t wanna do it anymore,” Alex replied.

“Why? Is it because Lee isn’t doing it? You don’t want to do it with Akira and I?” Matt asked.

There it was. Ever since Alex and Lee had moved away from the old group and began hanging out with Ezekial and Maya, Matt had been making remarks about it. “Oh, you’re ditching us for them”, “Don’t you trust us anymore”, “Are we not your friends now?”. Alex was sick of it. It didn’t help that this was now coming from the man who had just, as Alex put it, interrogated him, after coming out. The same man, who asked him personal question after personal question. The man who questioned if Alex’s identity was forced onto him by others. “Do you think hanging out with Ezekial and Maya, and because of the way they express who they are and how they express their sexuality, influenced you into choosing to represent your identity through a flag?”. Alex was furious after it happened. Not only did Matt question Alex’s identity, but he practically blamed Ezekial and Maya for causing Alex to make that choice.

“No, believe me I’d love to do it with you both but I just got too much other stuff going on,” Alex lied

“Doing what?” Matt asked.

“Doesn’t matter. None your business” Alex replied, a little annoyed Matt wouldn’t drop it

“Too busy hanging out with Ezekial?” Matt continued. “You really are ditching us aren’t you?”

“Just drop it, I don’t want to do it and that’s that” Alex said annoyed.

“Fine, jeez,” Matt replied.

Some time has passed in class. We’re halfway through the lesson.

Alex overheard the girls’ in front of them conversation

“That new English teacher sucks!” Lily exclaimed.

“Wait, which teacher is it?” Matt asked. He had been listening as well.

“Ms Mullins” Lily replied, turning in her seat. “She’s so rude, racist even”

“I have her as my teacher,” Chloe chimed in. “Someone brought up pride month and she started saying some homophobic stuff”

‘Great. Another homophobe to put up with’ Alex thought to himself.

“Oh Alex isn’t going to like that,” Matt said.

Alex’s heart stopped. The next second was like an eternity. He felt so many things at once. Angry. Sad. Betrayed. You couldn’t describe the thoughts going through his mind. Alex looked up at everyone.

“Hm? Someone say my name?” he asked, desperately thinking of an excuse for why Matt just made that comment.

“The new English teacher. Chloe says she’s homophobic,” Matt said.

“Okay… and?” Alex asked.

“Matt said ‘Oh, Alex won’t like that’,” Chloe remarked.

“What’s it got to do with me?” Alex laughed, getting increasingly nervous.

“Well, because your Asexual.”

Alex died inside. He wanted to cry. He wanted to pull Matt out of his seat and kick the shit out of him. Everyone turned to Matt and Alex. It felt like the entire world was watching. Some people looked away, sorry for Alex, while others just stared. Nothing was holding Alex back. Matt was right there. He could take all his anger out on him. His friends would understand, but was Matt really worth it? Alex looked down, grabbed all of his gear, got up out of his seat and said two words in the most calm but sincere voice he could manage.

“Fuck you.”

Alex fought back tears. Everyone was looking up at him.

“Alex, are you ok?” The teacher asked.

Alex shook his head, turned and walked out of class.

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