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Young musicians Emma, Robinson, and Gareth struggle with their trials and disabilities together with their companions. Will they last through their career, or die trying?

Other / Drama
Emma Shoults
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Chapter 1: Reminiscence

Robinson looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror, ugly scars, spiky black hair and blue eyes stared back at him. The clean glass mirror seemed to only bring the history of these scars closer to reality.

Sunlight filtered in through a small translucent window to the left of him, behind him was a grand glass shower with white tile, and to the right was the toilet and a rack with some pure white towels upon it. He stood before a large, grand vanity, equipped with two porcelain white sinks, and pine wood cupboards. On the right sitting on the counter was a container containing four toothbrushes, one for him, his father, his mother, and his brother Gareth.

Robinson rubbed at the gauze that was wrapped around his neck, then took a tube of medical ointment from a small, grey, plastic case sitting on the counter near the toothbrushes. Robinson slowly unwrapped the gauze around his neck, revealing bright, angry pink scars still indented into his pale skin. He squeezed some of the ointment into his hand and carefully massaged it into his scars before replacing the dressings with new ones.

Robinson then reached for his toothbrush and, leaning on the counter for support, brushed his teeth, washed his face, and fixed his hair with some hair gel. He could hear footsteps creaking across the wooden floor downstairs, recognizing the footfalls of his brother Gareth. Robinson ran his hand down his chin to fix his short black goatee before turning and grabbing his wooden cane. He needed the cane due to an old injury in his leg that made it difficult for him to walk. It’s been two years since the accident, Robinson thought to himself as he carefully made his way down the grand wooden staircase into the main hall. Above him was a high ceiling with a pristine glass chandelier hanging from it. There was a large red carpet in front of a set of white French doors, which served as the main entrance to the house. The floor of this area was all marble and shiny from a recent polishing.

To Robinson’s left was the living room, the marble transitioned to a classic oak wood floor that ran smooth and shiny through the room. There was a stone fireplace on one wall, it wasn’t being used, but, made the room look very welcoming. One wall was completely covered by a curving glass window, out of which Robinson could see the outside bathed in white snow. He walked past a black leather couch that curved with the wall, accompanied by a glass coffee table and zebra patterned carpet.

He pressed his nose against the cold glass window and gazed out at the falling snow, he smiled as he remembered how he used to fool around with his former bandmates two years ago every time they got snow.

The tour starts tomorrow, I hope the snow doesn’t cause any problems, Robinson chuckled, knowing full well that the other members of Petrospectrum would never let a snowfall get in the way of their first tour. It wasn’t Robinson’s first time going on tour, however, but he preferred not to reminisce in the previous one.

I’m doing it for you guys, I’m not going to let the accident ruin my future as a musician.

Robinson sighed as his cat, a black and white American shorthair, rubbed against his legs, purring.

“Hello Smokey,” he smiled and knelt down awkwardly, due to his leg, to pet the affectionate creature.

“Good morning Robinson,” Gareth’s voice made Robinson flinch and stand up quickly, leaning on his cane.

“Gareth, you surprised me,” he breathed, looking at his brother. Gareth, Robinson’s fifteen-year-old younger brother, looked at him with bright blue eyes. Gareth was a fairly average size for his age, but everything else about him was about as unusual as it could be. He had pale skin and pure white hair, which by most people was referred to as being “albino”, and his hair was styled into a mohawk that stuck up out of his short, soft white hair, dyed the colors of the rainbow in order. He had stud piercings in his ears, and was still wearing his white, silky pajamas. He always wore white, which only emphasized his albino appearance.

“I didn’t expect it to be that easy,” Gareth chuckled, giving Robinson a cheeky grin.

“I’m not even fully awake yet, what did you think was gonna happen you goof?”

“Nuthin,”Gareth continued to smile, “Let me guess, you need your coffee right?” Robinson nodded, before he and Gareth made their way out of the living room and across the marble flooring of the main hall to the kitchen.

Their father, a tall, pale man with short white hair and pale skin like Gareth’s, was standing in the kitchen near their Tassimo, making himself a coffee. It was a large, roomy, open concept kitchen with a large sink and a spacious island lined with four bar stools. There was a double oven and the cupboards had glass that showed the food and dishes stored inside. Their stove was embedded into their granite countertop next to the oven, and above it was their microwave, in its own little cubby spot on a shelf.

Their father looked up as the two teens made their way into the kitchen, smiling, “Morning boys, how’d you sleep?”

“Like a rock,” Robinson smiled, going over and grabbing an apple from the fridge and taking a bite out of it.

“Me too,” Gareth smiled, popping some bread in the toaster, “Robinson needs his coffee dad.”

“I know,” their father replied, setting a mug on the counter in front of Robinson, “I got that taken care of.”

“Thanks dad,” Robinson nodded when his father set the mug of coffee in front of him, taking it by the handle and taking a sip of the steaming hot coffee.

Their other cat was eating out of its glass food dish in the corner of the room, its long white fur making it look like a fluffy ball on the floor.

“I’m kinda nervous though, about tomorrow…” Robinson broke the temporary silence.

“I understand Robinson, don’t worry about it,” Gareth gave his brother a comforting hug and continued, “It’ll be fun, I bet Keagan’s gonna be the one to mess up first.” Robinson chuckled, reminded of how clumsy their MC, Keagan, could be.

“Heh, yeah, I’m sure you’re right Gazzy,” Gareth smiled as Robinson used his brotherly nickname.

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