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Lady Bug Killer

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Ardy is dissatisfied. Not only with herself but her relationships, her job and the direction she sees her life heading. She excelled in school and is brilliant with mechanical things so why is she working at a retirement home?. She realizes, while on her hands and knees cleaning up Mrs. Varks beef stew vomit, that she is better than this and something needed to change.             Her estranged father, who left when she was in high school, had just died leaving her his house and pest control business in all places the Arizona desert. Coincidentally she has developed an illness that forces her to leave everything behind, move to a dryer climate and take up this new venture that she knows nothing about.             She decides to take over the business and not sell it. She makes her fathers’ home …well trailer, her home. While going through the house she finds one of the bedroom doors is a heavier door made of solid metal and locked with no key to be found.  With persistence she eventually finds the key and discovers what’s hiding behind the door. She does what she has to do to become certified in pest application and throws herself into this male dominated business,

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I was twelve. I climbed in the cab of our green Chevy truck. “You can come with Ardy, just stay out of the way.” He never let me go with him. Today was different. He was building a shed in our backyard and said I could help. We were going to get supplies.

I loved the hardware store with all its gadgets and tools. I was amazed that they could with guidance make something.

“Ardy, stay out of the way,” he repeatedly said.

The earthy, wholesome smell of the wood and the fact that I was with my dad and we were doing something together excited me.. We arrived home with our supplies and unloaded the truck. My dad let me help carry the wood. “Be careful Ardy, don’t hit anything!”

The foundation for the shed was already laid. My father started laying out the wood, measuring and cutting. As I watched him I was amazed that he knew how to do all this. He let me help hammer in the nails. “Ardy, swing with your arm, not your wrist, you’ll be tapping all day.” I would start to swing and try really hard to do what he was saying. “Ardy your arm, your arm! You’re doing it wrong!” Eventually I was given a piece of wood to practice with as he finished the shed. I was aware that I couldn’t hit the nails as well as he could but I kept trying.

He created an X on the front door of the shed for support, once again amazed he knew this needed to be done. I stood back with him when all was finished and looked at the newly built shed. It was strong and sturdy and would be a sufficient place to hold all of his tools.

The neighbor peeked over the fence. “Wiley, whatcha doin over there?”

“Ardy and I just built this shed.”

My heart swelled and tears pricked my eyes as I felt my dad had included me in something so important.

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