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Looking For Love.

By Aime Borg Duca All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other


Louis stumbles upon a figure one night who seems to be shivering. He approaches her and offers her his help. She has been left on the streets after the orphanage she was put in when she was a baby kicked her out because she turned 18. Louis takes her to the apartment that he shares with his band mates. What will they think of her ? Will she ever find what she's looking for ? And will one of Louis's friends mean more to her than just 'Louis's friend' ?

Chapter 1

Sitting alone in dark.

Staring at nothing.

Shivering from the cold.

Why can’t I just own a house like anyone else?

Oh right, I’m an orphan. My name is Aime, I have just turned 18 and as a birthday present the caretakers of the orphanage kicked me out. Now here I am, alone, sitting in the dark, shivering on my birthday. I have nothing, we couldn’t afford phones or any clothes at the orphanage, we used to share with each other. All we had we were grateful for. Now here I am, on the streets, I have no idea of what I will do with my life now.

Will I die out of hunger?

Or being too cold?

Or loneliness?

My thoughts were interrupted by footsteps. They kept getting closer and closer, maybe it was a policeman coming to arrest me because it’s illegal to sit on the pavement at 11pm at night. I don’t bother looking up as I see a pair of shoes in front of me.

The person clears their throat and sits next to me. Weird. A police officer wouldn’t do that. Who else could take notice of me? I dare to look up and see a guy staring back at me. He has a warm smile on his face but how can I be sure if he’s a nice guy considering he’s out by himself at 11pm at night? Then again who cares what happens to me? I’m screwed either way.

I offer a small smile back and he speaks up “So, what’s so amusing about being out here in the streets without a coat at 11 at night sitting on the ground?” What do I have to lose? Nothing.

“Well mister, not everyone’s got coats and houses.” I say looking away. “Oh” He says looking down. Great, the last thing I need right now is pity. “Well, I can help you if you want?” I swallow a lump in my throat, I know I have nothing to lose but when a guy offers to help you at 11 at night it’s kind of scary.

“T-that’s o-okay, I’m fine. T-thanks though.” I stutter, all my confidence leaving my body. What happened to ‘I’m screwed either way ?’great now he’ll know I’m scared of him.

“I know that this isn’t the right moment to offer you my help considering you may think I’m a pervert. And I honestly don’t know how to assure you that I’m not but I’m still going to offer you my help love.”

I stared deep in his blue orbs and all I saw was pure honesty. I found myself nodding and mentally slapping myself for doing so. He smiled and stood up offering me his hand, I hesitantly took it and stood up. I brushed off my pants and we started walking to what I assumed to be the direction to his house.

“I’m Louis by the way.” I smiled at him and introduced myself. “I’m Aime, nice to meet you.”

“So, um how did you end up like this if I may ask?”

“Well, I was brought up in an orphanage ever since I was a baby, I guess I was always unwanted. Anyways, since today I turned 18 they kicked me out.” I didn’t dare look at his face but I could tell that he had a shocked look on his face.

“Wait so you’re telling me that today is your birthday and they did this to you with no pity at all?” I giggled a bit.

“Funny birthday present isn’t it?” He smiled but frowned again. “I’m so sorry that this happened to you, I’m kind of glad I found you now. I will try and make it as best as I could.” I blushed and looked down, mumbling a ‘thank you’ as we kept walking. He didn’t live too far because soon we stopped outside a huge gate and he started fumbling for the keys. I just stood there in awe. If he is to kidnap me they wouldn’t find me for sure.

“I know it’s huge, I will explain everything when you get inside because you didn’t seem to recognise me yet.” I gave him a confused look, was I supposed to recognize him?

“I’m sorry I didn’t read the rich people magazine so I don’t know who you are.” He laughed as he finally opened the gate and we walked up the path to the door.

“My friends are probably watching T.V. or something, I’ll introduce you to them.” Wait, friends? Now he could really kidnap me because I’m assuming that if his friends are other men then I have no chance against them. I swallowed yet another lump in my throat and nodded. What have I gotten myself into?

“Don’t worry love, you’re safe, I won’t let anyone hurt you.” I smiled as I looked in his genuine eyes. I don’t know why I’m trusting him this much. He has just told me that he’s not alone and I’m giving in just because his eyes look trusting.

He opened the door and we entered his house. It was lovely and had a welcoming aroma. He hung up his coat and ushered me inside. We entered the living room and as Louis said, 3 guys sat on a huge sofa watching T.V.

Louis cleared his throat and all the boys’ heads whipped around and all eyes landed on me. Two of them smiled and one of them kept staring at me. He was really cute and had the most beautiful chocolate orbs.

“Guys, this is Aime. She’s going to stay with us if that’s alright.” Louis said and I turned crimson red.

“Of course. Hello Love, I’m Niall.” The blonde one said getting up extending his hand. I took it and shook it affirmatively. “Hi” I mumbled. Then the curly headed one spoke up, “Hi, I’m Harry.” I smiled and shook his extended hand as well. “And I’m Liam, nice to meet you.” I blushed as we shook hands. I looked down and my breath got hitched in my throat as I remembered how horrible I looked. I swallowed and turned to Louis as he spoke.

“I will show you upstairs and you can take a shower, I’ll lend you some sweatpants and a sweater.” I smiled at him and nodded and then followed him upstairs.

He jogged up the stairs and stopped in front of a white door. “This is the bathroom.” He said gesturing to the white door. “And these are my room, Harry’s, Niall’s, Liam’s and that over there is yours.” He said gesturing to the other rooms down the hall. I nodded understanding.

“Follow me, I’ll get you some clothes and you can shower whilst I make you some dinner. I take it you haven’t eaten right?” I shook my head no. I seem to have lost my voice all of a sudden so I cleared my throat to thank him.

“Thanks.” I mumbled. “No problem love, here you go.” He said giving me a pile of clothes. I nodded in appreciation and turned around to go take a shower.

I locked the bathroom door and put the pile of clothes next to the sink. I sighed and looked in the bathroom mirror. I looked awful. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and stepped in the shower. The hot water hitting my skin, it relaxed me and helped me clear away my thoughts. After I showered I thought of it as rinsing away my past and stepping out into the future, a new life.

When I was fully dressed I looked in the mirror and saw that I looked different and I felt different, maybe because I was wearing boys’ clothes. I shrugged as I put my dirty clothes in the laundry basket and opened the door. I stuck my head out of the door and listened for any sign of the boys upstairs but I only heard their voices coming from downstairs.

As I was descending down the stairs, I heard them talk about me.

“So they just kicked her out?” I think Niall asked. “Yeah and on her birthday.” Louis replied sadly. Why did he care so much about me ? I know I have a pity filled story but they seem to care a bit too much, maybe I can truly trust them.

I decided to stop eavesdropping so I stepped down the last few steps and entered the room. I could see the pity in their eyes as they saw me come in. My eyes locked with Liam and I blushed, he truly was handsome.

“Hey,” Louis said snapping me out of my gaze “I made you a sandwich, sorry but none of us can cook.” I giggled.

“Thank you” I followed him to the kitchen while smiling at the boys as they smiled back but with pity in their eyes.

I sat on a bar stool at the island and stared at my plate. I haven’t seen this much food ever, I'm definitely not going to eat all this.

“Thanks” I said as I started eating the sandwich. “Listen I’ll leave tomorrow morning and I’ll find a job and then come back and pay you back.” I said after swallowing a bite of my food.

“Nonsense, the boys and I insist that you live here as long as you need and we’ll help as much as we can. You don’t have to pay us back, we love company.” I blushed and smiled.

“I’m still going to look for a job though, I’m not going to depend on you.” I insisted.

“Okay babe, but whatever you need, we’re here, seriously.” I smiled and nodded thanking him again.

“Thanks for the food, I never ate this much.” I said standing up with the plate and walking to the sink.

“You’re welcome love, want more?” I shook my head no. “Let me.” I shook my head no again. “No, I insist. It’s the least I can do. How about, I cook, clean and stuff around here as a payment for living here. I know it’s not enough but it’s all I can do and until I find a job and get paid …..” I rambled but Louis grabbed me by the shoulders. “Listen, I am only going to repeat this once. You don’t owe us anything.” I giggled as he gave me a cheeky grin.

I sighed. “Okay but please let me do it.” He sighed, “You won’t let this go, huh?” I giggled and gave him a cheeky grin this time. He laughed as he saw what I did. “Okay fine, but not too much. You’re not our maid.” I nodded and smiled, Louis looked back at my plate and then back at me. "You sure that was enough? You're all skin and bones." He pointed out and I blushed and shook my head. "No, thank you though." Louis nodded and left to the living room as I turned to rinse my plate.

When I finished, I went to the living room. “Uh, thanks for letting me stay. I’m going to bed if you don’t mind.” I said blushing. “Of course, good night love and Happy Birthday.” Liam said making me blush more. "Thank you, letting me stay here is the best birthday present you could give me." They all smiled at me and said that they were grateful for doing so.I thanked them once again and went upstairs.

I entered the room that I remembered Louis telling me that was mine. I took a look around and saw how spacious it was. It had a desk and a chair, a T.V. and a huge window. There was a rug that looked very comfortable and a dresser. A wardrobe and a door that I assumed led to a bathroom.

I closed the door and got under the covers. I sighed looking at the ceiling thinking how much my life has changed and how many responsibilities I have now that I’m free and out of the orphanage apart from the fact that I’m a legal adult.

Oh well, tomorrow is a new start.

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